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energyOrbit is the leading energy efficiency program and project management Cloud computing solution. Rapidly deployed and powered with a user-friendly customization engine, energyOrbit offers scalable measures libraries, wizard-driven reporting, energy efficiency program replication logic and advanced communication and marketing campaign automation. energyOrbit seamlessly integrates trade ally and rate payer interfaces, as well as customer relationship management across the enterprise. Powered on the Cloud computing platform, energyOrbit is a Web-based, Software-as-a-Service solution, where hardware/infrastructure costs are eliminated.


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Versatile Cloud Computing Solution for Tracking Rebates and Other Conservation Incentives

To lower their costs, your residential and commercial customers would welcome access to a variety of energy efficiency initiatives from your utility.  State and federal regulators are mandating data collection, monitoring and analysis of energy savings from individual sites or projects. But your staff can be bogged down by trying to keep track of program participants, options, calculations and measures that are isolated in too many different spreadsheets on too many different desktops.  The energyOrbit Cloud platform will free you from these project management bottlenecks and enable you to offer results-driven energy efficiency programs.

eneryOrbit enables utilities like yours to improve staff productivity and achieve energy savings goals by replacing disparate spreadsheets and documents with an easy-to-use online system. Utilities deploy energyOrbit to automate such functions as the processing of residential and commercial program applications, the calculation of rebates for energy efficient appliances/lighting/HVAC equipment, and the reporting of conservation program results to government agencies.

Quick and Easy for All Utility Types and Sizes

The energyOrbit platform is easy to set up, easy to customize and easy to learn. With no computer software, dedicated IT infrastructure or website for the utility to maintain, energyOrbit automates in a single environment the management and savings calculations for conservation programs of all varieties offered by electric, gas, and water utilities.

energyOrbit provides robust “drag and drop” reporting wizards and an online rebate application portal in a secure environment. It is an open solution that you can administer, configure and extend in-house. New programs and measures can be added in minutes. It is accessible anywhere, anytime from Web connected devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets. The energyOrbit platform streamlines business processes and automates routine functions to dramatically reduce overhead costs and speed up processing.

Faster Program Launch and Application Completion

This online application and rebate tracking solution enables consistent and quick processing of incentive programs, with comprehensive one-page view of all customer interactions. energyOrbit enables your utility to create more programs, design new measures, process applications, distribute rebates, and report results without requiring staff increases or over work. This platform also simplifies the sign-up process and results tracking for your customers.

What Public Power Utilities Say About energyOrbit

The energyOrbit solution has vastly simplified the administration of our EE programs. With configurable workflows and reports, using fewer paper products and the reduction of rebate application processing time and effort, we are expecting to recoup our investment in thhis system in the first year.

Curt Atkins, Energy Services Manager
Waverly, Iowa, Light & Power

energyOrbit had demonstrated the power, ease of integration and flexibility to handles the needs of a large public utility. We are pleased with the power of the solution and responsiveness of the energyOrbit team.

J.D. Steedly, Director, Program Development
Santee Cooper
Moncks Corner, South Carolina