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Apogee Interactive is the leading provider of web-based energy analysis and customer engagement software for utilities. A partner with the utility industry since 1993, Apogee’s digital engagement platform delivers on-line and outbound proactive, personalized communication to consumers nationwide. The company’s digital reach extends through more than 600 utilities to 48% of US households and businesses, increasing utility customer satisfaction. Apogee’s SaaS platform enables more meaningful customer engagement, proven sustainable energy results, and improved program performance for utilities.




Products and Services
Personalized, Outbound Energy Messaging for Public Power Residential Customers
Apogee applications uncover the best possible opportunities to provide customers with the information needed to make better energy decisions, fostering trust and positioning the utility as a credible source of energy information. Apogee helps educate utility consumers about their energy use.

Apogee’s Empower Platform gives public power utilities the tools they need to engage the modern consumer with personalized, outbound, and proactive energy messaging that delivers higher satisfaction and measurable results. The Empower Platform is available in three packages that make cost-effective digital engagement possible at the right level for your utility.



Apogee’s Empower Platform begins with the flagship Energy Advisor home energy calculator that puts your customers in the driver’s seat.

Energy Advisor Enterprise is the preferred choice for utilities seeking customized, comprehensive engagement with their customers. The Energy Advisor and Energy Advisor Enterprise packages can either be integrated with customer billing or leverage near-accurate energy consumption estimates informed by local rates, weather, and typical home profiles.

Proactive Engagement is a package of add-on tools available to utilities using Energy Advisor Enterprise with billing integration, providing further opportunities for proactive, customizable engagement and outreach. Apogee’s customer engagement platform is the most comprehensive in the industry

  • Public Service Announcement Videos: Engage customers visually with non-personalized Public Service Announcement Videos. Videos can accomplish anything from announcing capital credits to providing helpful safety tips in advance of an approaching storm.
  • Personalized Video Messaging: Customers receive timely, useful videos offering customized bill explanations or beat-the-peak reminders, all delivered verbally by an energetic animated character. Videos include customers’ own name and billing data, as well as utility branding.
  • Energy Alerts: Notifications sent via email or text show current bill amounts and factor in weather and historical usage patterns to closely forecast final bill amounts for a billing period. Customers have the advance notice they need to curb consumption in time to cut their costs.
  • Energy Summary Reports: Energy Summary Reports offering graphical breakdowns of monthly or annual energy usage can be mailed or emailed at these transition points, giving consumers insight into their household’s consumption habits and areas for improvement. Sending year-end summary reports has been proven to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Interactive Voice and Text Response: Save valuable call center time by delivering answers to common billing-related questions and concerns via interactive voice response or text. The Apogee’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application provides bill analysis over an IVR platform using voice, text message, and/or mobile channels. This application can be imported and embedded into a utility’s existing IVR system.
  • Field Audit Application: Apogee’s Field Audit Application for iPad is a powerful productivity tool for residential energy auditors. Before arriving, auditors download customers’ billing histories and preview a breakdown of household energy use. On site, the auditor shows the customer onscreen exactly how costs change with different thermostat settings, equipment choices, and behavioral patterns.
  • Special Purpose Calculators: With 35 calculators to choose from, utilities can add to their website those pertaining to the topics that matter most to customers in their service territory—heating and cooling, pools and spas, electric vehicles, and many more.

Engaging Customers through Personalization
Reaching customers with proactive and personalized information regarding their energy use can have a huge impact on the customer experience and satisfaction. Through strategic thought leadership, Apogee delivers:

  • Personalized and relevant information to your customers building trust while increasing satisfaction and engagement;
  • Future-focused applications designed for scalability.

Marketing Support and Materials
Apogee offers marketing support and materials to help drive traffic to your new online content and applications. You’ll review case studies and samples of marketing communications campaigns implemented by utilities just like yours.

Proven Results
Apogee’s analysis models have been refined for more than two decades at hundreds of utilities by millions of users. Their feedback has resulted in user-friendly interfaces and the highest completion rates. Rigorous security testing, current certifications, and technical expertise insures Apogee’s service is secure.  Studies show utilities using the Apogee suite to manage their energy savings programs achieve 5x greater program participation, a 16% increase in customer satisfaction, and 14 x industry average open rates. Apogee’s data is twice as accurate as that of its next best competitors.

Product Demo
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