Clean Energy Collective Community Solar Solutions

Clean Energy Collective, the nation’s leading community solar solutions provider, is helping public power utilities easily offer community solar to customers. Through community solar, every customer in a utility territory has the ability to participate in the benefits of solar power generation through locally sited, utility-scale solar PV arrays. It provides the utility with clean, locally-produced renewable energy and participants, particularly those that do not have the option for rooftop solar, with the opportunity for lower utility bills.

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Opening Up the Doors to Community Solar

Community solar allows all customers the opportunity to utilize clean renewable energy. Any business or consumer can now take advantage of solar power including renters, those with poorly sighted properties and individuals of all income levels, without having to build a costly system of their own. Community solar customers receive the same financial benefits as they would if the panels were installed on their roofs. However, since CEC performs all the maintenance and provides the solar industry’s best warranty – up to 50 years – consumers don’t have to worry about maintenance or repair.

Since establishing the country’s first community-owned solar array near El Jebel, Colorado in 2010 and having developed roughly half of all community solar programs in the U.S., CEC has built or has under development more than 90 Roofless Solar™ projects with 28 utility partners across 12 states, serving thousands of customers, and representing more than 160 MW of community solar capacity.

CEC’s approach is unique in that the company partners with utilities to build programs that work for them, in most cases launching a program under the utility’s brand. In many cases, CEC locates, funds and constructs a centralized utility-scale (500 kW to 50 MW) solar facility that is interconnected to the utility’s grid at an ideal location. The energy generated flows directly to the utility under a mutually agreed contract and is controlled by the utility. Customers of the utility have the opportunity to purchase solar panels from the community solar facility. In return, the participating customer is issued its portion of the respective contract (monetary payment) via an on-bill credit applied against their existing utility bill for the energy generated by their panels. The on-bill credit is automatically applied by CEC’s proprietary RemoteMeter® software, which integrates directly with the utility’s billing system. All of this is provided to the utility by Clean Energy Collective with no capital costs and no staff time required.

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If your utility chooses to utilize an existing solar project or work with a third-party developer, CEC can offer Community Solar Platform™, the industry’s leading software and services, to seamlessly roll out a community solar program, excite customers, and integrate the program management with your utility systems, as detailed below.

Tools for Successful Community Solar Programs
CEC has developed and perfected complex systems and software tools with proven software-as-a-service (SaaS) components that allow for on-time market deployments. CEC’s Community Solar Platform tools reduce the complexities of community solar development, filling the gaps, simplifying the process with proven components, and lowering the cost of implementation. The CEC Solar Platform tools which are available to utilities nationwide include:

  • Seamless Customer Integration
    Through CEC’s proprietary software, public power utilities have access to industry-leading e-commerce. The software offers sales, contract and billing automation along with white-label branding. From a customer perspective, you can present utility customers with system sizing, proposals, marketing materials, on-boarding and electronic document acceptance.
  • CEC Handheld for WebRemoteMeter™ Monitoring
    RemoteMeter™ provides the tools to monitor the production of your community solar array, regardless of the physical facility proximity. Integrate the array with your billing systems to track/apply energy production credits and then credit them directly to a customer’s bill. There are also reporting and messaging features.
  • Customer Engagement Tools
    After gaining community solar customers, public power utilities can continue to engage them via CEC’s customer portal. Your customers will have access to production monitoring, report generation, environmental footprint, a message center, live alerts, current forecasts and production charts—from a desktop or mobile device.

Make CEC Your Community Solar Partner
Many utilities are interested in the benefits of solar energy but are not interested in building the facilities, paying for the construction, maintaining them over time, etc. While third-party power purchase agreements can get you the solar you want, CEC solutions go even further by also allowing you to provide a solar solution that your customers want (panel ownership), while putting all of the power purchase revenue right back in your customer’s hands and the local economy – instead of shipping it out of town.

Recap of CEC’s First Community Solar Conference
CEC’s first educational conference on community solar was a huge success! Community Solar leaders from across the U.S. joined CEC and First Solar to share firsthand experiences and insights. Click here to access conference info and learn more about this rapidly growing segment of the energy industry.