ElectSolve  Unified Data Management for Public Power


ElectSolve offers your utility a centralized solution for data management, analysis, and reporting. ElectSolve is a full service provider of technology platforms and consulting services for Smart Grid control, monitoring and automation. Since 1999, ElectSolve has helped electric, water and gas utilities maximize the return on their technology investments throughout the U.S.

ElectSolve’s flagship product, the uCentra Operational and Meter Data Management System, is a proven, vendor-neutral, next generation integration platform for AMI, AMR, SCADA, CIS, OMS, EA/GIS, demand response, and distribution line management systems. With interfaces to over 50 of the most common vendor solutions used in public power, uCentra is your best choice for operational data consolidation and management. uCentra provides a full 360-degree view of all operational data with centralized management, analysis and reporting.

Products & Services

Unified Operational Data Management and Data Analytics
ElectSolve’s uCentra provides:

  • Unified access to utility application data including Customer Data, AMI, Outage and SCADA History
  • Energy Usage Online to Engage Utility Customers
  • Utility “Big DATA” Analytics—Line Loss Analysis, Voltage Analysis, Transformer Load Analysis, Demand Response and GIS based Events Visualization of your analysis

ElectSolve integrates data from the systems of vendors allied with Hometown Connections, including Honeywell, Milsoft Utility Solutions, Cogsdale, and N-Dimension Solutions.

Along with improving utility operations, the ElectSolve system offers customers web-based tools to learn about their energy use habits and lower costs.

Databroker™ Interoperability Platform

There’s no shortage of utility information systems to choose from: CIS, MDM, OMS, GIS, SCADA and more. But a major roadblock is enabling these systems to share data. Databroker™ from ElectSolve solves this problem once and for all. Databroker™ provides a platform for data integration across the enterprise. ElectSolve’s Databroker™ advantages include:

  • Vendor neutral standalone interoperability platform for system integration
  • Message brokering to regulate data flow between systems
  • Central management and control that is transparent to users
  • Reduces complexity and challenges associated with point-to point-integration
  • Eliminates need for custom integration between different systems
  • All requests and responses are logged and can be reviewed easily when errors occur
  • Deployable as standalone integration platform or as part of broader MDM deployment supporting AMI “meter-to-cash” functions and data analytics

Even if a vendor supports a software interoperability standard such as MultiSpeak® or CIM, typically it doesn’t support all variations developed by other vendors; but Databroker™ does.

The Databroker™ Integration and Interoperability Framework delivers true enterprise integration and supports Service Oriented Architecture, including the web service brokering and auditing functions that make on-boarding web services much easier for small to medium-sized utilities.

IT Services
Improving Utility IT Business Operations and Processes

ElectSolve’s Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions are provided to utilities as a support and staffing augmentation service. ElectSolve provides trained and certified IT resources to backup, augment and assist the utility’s existing IT staff members when needed.

Services include:

  • IT Operation Support & Management
  • IT Infrastructure Upgrades, Support & Maintenance
  • Software & Applications Integration
  • IT Business Continuity (Backup for Key IT Resources)
  • IT Temporary Project Staffing & Support
  • Project Management Services ( PMP/CAPM )
  • Comprehensive Technology Roadmaps & IT Planning
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Services
  • Cisco Certified Professional Services
  • IT Security and Compliance
  • Utility Applications Integration
  • IT Staff Training and Knowledge Transfer