Elster  Smart Meters and AMI for all Stakeholders

Elster Solutions is the North American electricity and smart grid business unit of Elster, a multi-national, 7500-person company providing electricity, gas and water meters and related communications, network and software solutions to customers in more than 130 countries.

Elster Solutions is focused on delivering the vital connections utilities need to achieve the greatest possible value from their meter data. From smart meters and other grid sensors, to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), meter data management (MDM), data analytics, network communications, pre-integrated, partner solutions for sophisticated grid management as well as professional services for deployment and integration, Elster Solutions offers end-to-end solutions.

Elster Solutions enable utilities to unlock the data collected by electricity, gas, and water meters to deliver meaningful utility performance information that can be used to improve system reliability, enhance operational efficiency, extend customer service, conserve energy, and reduce environmental impacts.


Products & Services

Public Utility Products & Solutions Engineered for Life
Elster understands that choosing the right Smart Grid Solution provider may prove to be one of the most important decisions that your utility makes. That’s why you should choose the one company with Smart Grid solutions that are proven to work for public utilities now and in the future…Elster.

Elster’s EnergyAxis has proven itself throughout the public utility community as a robust AMI foundation, handling billing reads, network communications and system-wide security with ease. Regardless of the physical challenges faced by our customer utilities—remote/rural locations, extreme temperatures, heavy vegetation, mountains, or urban high-rises—EnergyAxis provides public utilities the advanced grid infrastructure needed to extend beyond basic meter reads. Elster even offers a drive-by solution that transitions as needed into the fixed network—the perfect transitional solution for older AMR projects, or a robust permanent solution for stand-alone water or gas areas, or extremely isolated agricultural applications.

CallistoUX: A Grid Performance System from Elster
With the Callisto User Experience (CallistoUX), it is easier than ever to stack answers to your challenges on top of the EnergyAxis AMI foundation. From basic monitoring and analysis embedded in EnergyAxis, to complex data analytics and control provided by partners such as Milsoft and Survalent, the CallistoUX delivers superior visibility and work flow processes that enable greater efficiency and better customer service.

The CallistoUX goes beyond standard functionality to elevate data into information that supports actionable intelligence without the significant expense and frustration of buying and integrating specialized applications. The introduction of the CallistoUX will transform how utilities optimize their Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) investment by providing an affordable way to improve business processes, which plays a key role in Smart Grid deployments.

CallistoUX was designed to help utilities integrate tools to analyze events such as outages, transformer overloading, voltage behaviors, losses, demand response, load control and much more. Based on a modular and expandable architecture, EnergyAxis with the CallistoUX empowers utilities of any size to build on a Meter Data Collection (MDC) and Meter Data Management (MDM) feature-rich platform through a collection of optional Stackable Answers. CallistoUX provides the access to the data, information and analytics typically only available at a higher cost and through a significantly complex series of disparate systems.

With its innovative, easy-to-use user experience, CallistoUX has a stackable plug-and-play modularity, demonstrating an industry breakthrough designed to help utilities reduce their risk, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and achieve the exact functionality needed today and into the future. Monitoring, notification and work flow capabilities built into Callisto are designed for the ease of operation that utilities will want for all of their day-to-day activities.

Elster EnergyAxis makes the vital connection to your meter data, and the CallistoUX makes workflow integration simple. Contact Elster to learn more. sales@us.elster.com

Thought Leadership, Business Insights and Industry-leading Perspectives
Through a project with Smart Grid News and many of the industry’s leading utilities and technology visionaries, Elster helped to write eight thought-provoking chapters featuring new insights, tips from the trenches, forward-thinking approaches and opinions on the future of AMI and the smart grid.

Elster is offering the compilation of this work in a single guidebook that explores what it takes to achieve the best possible return on utility meter data investments. Titled The Executive Guide to Unlocking the Full Value of Your Meter Data, the book covers the critical issues facing the utility industry today as it evolves to a business environment where success depends on leveraging data to drive better results.

See for yourself what the buzz is all about. Get your guidebook now. It is available in both digital and printed form.

Article in greentechgrid Featuring Fort Collins Utilities
“Speeding Up Energy Data From the Smart Meter to the Smartphone”

Today’s smartphone-equipped, attention-span-starved consumers are inundated with data all day long, keeping up with family and friends, running their professional and business lives, and staying up to date with the latest in green technology news or celebrity gossip. All of this data comes to us in as close to real time as possible, making us demanding consumers of information indeed.

But the smart grid hasn’t delivered home energy data that fast. Today’s smart meter networks and Green Button-enabled consumer energy portals typically deliver energy usage that’s at least 24 hours old. That’s useful for those people who like to pore over charts to plot their household energy efficiency, but let’s face it, most of us aren’t that person.

Colorado municipal utility Fort Collins Utilities is trying a different approach: speeding up the smart-meter-to-back-office-data collection loop, and putting it out to customers every 15 minutes. That might be fast enough to get people involved in energy on a day-to-day basis, if it’s accurate and comes along with information on how they can save money in the process. Read more

Workflow Automation Solution
Elster’s workflow automation solution enables utility system operators to easily and concurrently work within multiple enterprise systems.