Honeywell  Smart Meters, AMI, and Unified Utility Intelligence Software

Honeywell’s Smart Energy Electricity Americas (formerly Elster Solutions) provides complete Smart Grid and Energy Management Solutions that drive energy efficiency, operational improvements and cost savings for utilities, commercial and industrial customers and consumers. It has more than 130 active EnergyAxis deployments worldwide, including 82 in the United States, more than 50 of which are municipal utilities.

Honeywell Smart Energy Electricity Americas is focused on delivering the vital connections utilities need to achieve the greatest possible value from their meter data. From smart meters and other grid sensors, to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), meter data management (MDM) and pre-integrated applications leveraging meter data, Honeywell technology and professional services help utilities improve system reliability, enhance operational efficiency, foster customer choice and meet conservation goals.

Elster is now a part of Honeywell. Learn how our combined solutions benefit you.

Products & Services
To Connect the Public Utility Smart Grid 

Honeywell understands that choosing the right smart grid solution provider may be one of the most important decisions your utility makes. That’s why you should choose the one company with smart grid solutions that are proven to work for public utilities…Honeywell.

Honeywell’s EnergyAxis AMI system delivers proven two-way communications and smart grid solutions that have been field proven in a wide variety of geographical and climatological utility environments. This scalable, cost-effective smart grid backbone has proven itself throughout the public electricity and water utility community as a robust AMI foundation, handling billing reads, network communications and system-wide security with ease.

Regardless of the physical challenges you face—remote/rural locations, extreme temperatures, heavy vegetation, mountains or urban high-rises—EnergyAxis provides public utilities the advanced grid infrastructure needed to extend beyond basic meter reads. For utilities not quite ready to make the transformation from AMR to a full-scale fixed network AMI system, Honeywell’s EA-Mobile technology provides an incremental and economical migration path. This drive-by solution augments the EnergyAxis System allowing utilities to begin accruing the advantages promised by an AMI today, while charting the course to even bigger gains via a two-way, fixed-network tomorrow.

Honeywell took smart grid a big step forward with the introduction of Connexo. This game-changing unified utility intelligence solution is designed to manage the entire smart grid data flow.

As the headend software for the EnergyAxis AMI solution, Connexo NetSense integrates key operational workflows, business processes and smart grid data from multiple devices and vendors into a single interoperable solution. The result is a new, unified and simple approach for securely collecting, processing, storing and managing smart grid data from the widest possible variety and type of smart meters, sensors and controllers.

Connexo addresses challenges utilities face as they strive to manage the escalating volumes, types and complexity of smart grid data needed to meet evolving business, regulatory and customer expectations. The software minimizes complexities that arise for utilities operating separate data collection and management systems and provides the flexibility to incrementally add new applications and use cases as business needs evolve.

Robust Solutions for Meter Data Management
Honeywell’s Connexo Insight meter data management (MDM) solution delivers the intelligence and tools you need to make more informed energy management and pricing decisions, while also enhancing your billing and analysis operational processes and delivering advanced energy efficiency services to your citizens.

Efficiency, scalability, flexibility, traceability and performance are all engineered directly into the Connexo Insight, which has a straightforward and transparent architecture that excels in its flexibility and manageability. As a result, utilities can easily adapt, extend or modify the system to meet evolving needs and achieve the best possible benefits from analysis of meter data.

Workflow Automation and Guided Decision-Making
Honeywell’s Connexo offers a built-in workflow automation and guided decision-making engine. Ready-to-go, “how-to” workflow guides enable dramatic improvement in both work productivity and workflow accuracy and reliability.

Leveraging codified best practices, this solution helps you standardize your work flows and guide personnel quickly through each step of each process. Its workflow management tool gives users an unparalleled ability to accomplish important tasks without needing to know what underlying software or data are involved. Its inherent intelligence provides secure, controlled, role-based access to the data and applications needed by each user. The interface can be customized to think like your users do and work like they want to work, providing connections and context among your many applications that you’ve never had until now.

SynergyNetTM IPv6 Network
Smart grid requirements have evolved past the need for simply reading meters and collecting data such as billing, load profiling, and outage/restoration statistics to a smart grid that is interconnected to a variety of devices. Smart grid communications have moved from proprietary protocols to industry standards that create true interoperability to support Smart Cities’ initiatives and to support a variety of applications and connected devices. Honeywell has developed SynergyNet as a standards-driven IP network that provides enhanced interoperability of connected devices, improved efficiency, and greater network security. With flexible deployment options and a seamless transition for existing networks, SynergyNet creates an easy migration path for utilities.

SynergyNet supports a host of applications, including back office software applications and customer portals, lighting, distribution automation, and demand response. Network connectivity to sensors and other devices is supported at multiple levels. Utilities have their choice of backhaul networks, including fiber, private radio, or cellular communications in any combination.

Meters, Sensors and Controllers
Honeywell offers the industry’s widest variety of residential and C&I meters and modules for electricity, water and gas services. In fact, Honeywell has one of the most extensive installed revenue measurement bases in the world, with more than 200 million metering devices deployed over the course of the last 10 years alone.

No one delivers meters that deliver greater accuracy, reliability, ease of installation and configuration, and longer life spans.

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