Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Utility Data

ElectSolve’s Integrated MDM, ODM, and IT Solutions Hold the Key Your utility systems generate a treasure trove of data. CIS, MDM/ODM, OMS, GIS, SCADA and more are key to improving operations and customer service. The only way to unlock the … Continued

Early Warning is Best Protection

Your home and business have smoke detectors. Why leave your IT and OT networks unmonitored? Smoke detectors save lives and property. You rest easy knowing an early warning system is in place. Similarly, cybersecurity monitoring saves lives and prevents millions … Continued

Strong Cybersecurity Needs Strong Governance & Policy

September 28, 2018 by Elisa Wood Winner of the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award in 2017, Fort Collins, Colorado is recognized as a city intent on innovation and its utilities’ cybersecurity program is no exception, thanks to an effort … Continued

Twenty Years and Counting

Hometown Connections Prepares for Next Phase of Service to Public Power By Tim Blodgett, President & CEO, Hometown Connections, Inc. September 2018 Celebrating 20 years of service to public power, Hometown Connections has in place a new ownership structure providing … Continued