Energy Depot Case Study – Riverside (CA) Public Utilities (RPU)

Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) provides electric power and water to the City of Riverside, California. The utility serves over 108,000 electric customers and 65,000 water customers. RPU has featured the Energy Depot for Homes and Energy Depot for Business software on their website for the past several years and is adding Water Depot in 2015.

As part of their Green Riverside program, RPU offers a Solar Rebate Program to residential and commercial electric customers as an incentive to install photovoltaic systems. Inclusion of a completed Energy Depot home or business energy audit is a requirement in the overall application process in order to qualify for the Solar Rebate.

In addition to solar, the utility offers rebates for various energy savings measures in order to incentivize customers to take part in those measures before or soon after solar installation. This allows the solar project to be most effective throughout the residents’ building envelope and helps to make energy consumption as efficient as possible. The Solar Rebate program had around 450 applications in the past year. RPU estimates that about 90% of customers that use the Energy Depot software are Solar Rebate customers.

The RPU Whole House Rebate Program was created for homeowners who are in the process of making major home improvements and property investment improvements to existing structures. This program takes a whole-house approach to the energy and water efficiency rebates that RPU offers, providing a “one stop shop” for those who intend to apply for more than one efficiency rebate at a time.

The program offers a varying number of points for each of several qualifying energy efficiency improvements made by homeowners. By making multiple improvements at the same time, customers can achieve up to 250% of the value of the individual rebates for which they qualify. Customers who complete and submit an Energy Depot for Homes energy audit can receive 1 additional point towards their effort to qualify for the Whole House Rebate.
The Whole House rebate program had around 200 applications in the past year. RPU estimates that 8-9% of customers who use the Energy Depot for Homes program are using it to maximize their Whole House Rebate.

Learn more about Riverside Public Utilities’ energy- and water-efficiency programs.

Energy Depot is the industry’s leading collection of Internet-based customer software applications, serving more than 400 energy and water utilities. Applications include online residential and commercial energy and water audits with reports, graphs and consumer recommendations on energy savings. The Energy Depot software also includes an appliance calculator showing energy usage and costs, plus a comprehensive Energy Library.

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