N-Dimension Introduces N-Sentinel Enterprise

Cybersecurity Platform on the Cloud

N-Sentinel Enterprise by N-Dimension Solutions streamlines cybersecurity for utilities by providing critical cyber intelligence capabilities in one cloud-based platform. Deployed using a lightweight rack mountable monitoring device, the solution combines continuous threat hunting with network vulnerability discovery to visualize all cybersecurity concerns and potential breach points. Numerous security alerts are intelligently consolidated and prioritized into single cybersecurity concerns, replacing the time consuming process of researching threats with easy-to- follow remediation instructions.

For more complex security concerns, the built-in ticketing system allows in-house network staff to communicate quickly and easily with on-demand CISSP certified professionals to accelerate remediation. Further, the solution automatically crafts firewall rules to defend against future attacks, which can be applied when approved. These rule changes are tracked and documented to assist in compliance.

Power of 6 Cybersecurity Capabilities in One Platform

N-Sentinel Enterprise™ is purpose-built for utility cybersecurity. The SaaS platform empowers network professionals with six critical cyber intelligence capabilities encompassing asset discovery, threat intelligence prioritization, event resolution and prevention.


N-Dimension’s on-demand cybersecurity experts speed-up threat resolution without adding headcount.

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