Survalent ONE™ SCADA Commissioned by Franklin Public Utility District

Survalent-PartnerBRAMPTON, ON — February 25, 2016 —Franklin Public Utility District (FPUD), a municipal corporation of the state of Washington, recently deployed the Survalent ONE™ SCADA system.

Founded in 1934, FPUD serves 25,000 customers in an area of 435 square miles with 958 miles of distribution line. Until recently, FPUD operations leveraged technology which was integrated within the Benton PUD Survalent SCADA system. Franklin PUD has now commissioned its own Survalent SCADA system.

The utility has implemented a dual-redundant SCADA system with a SmartVU advanced graphical user interface. The dual redundant configuration adds resilience to the utility’s operations and energy distribution, contributing to increased reliability and customer satisfaction. The SCADA technology is a key pillar of the Survalent ONE™ Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). Deployed on a single scalable platform, it enables Franklin Utility PUD to gain immediate operational benefits, while creating a foundation to address future requirements.

The new system includes the WebSurv application, to help managers monitor SCADA information and improve internal communications. Operational and control room information is optimized and secured for a range of mobile devices, which can be used to view and share any graphical SmartVU display. Operator summaries, substation line diagrams, alarms, and distribution network maps can be accessed through the SurvCentral application. In the event of an outage or service issue, these applications can assist Franklin PUD in making better decisions more quickly, and effectively responding to its customers.

“Franklin PUD can quickly leverage the new Survalent ONE™ functionality with SmartVU to gain significant and early value,” said Edward Kobeszka, Regional Sales VP for the Western US. “Franklin recognized the need to own and operate their system on a single platform for advanced functionality and will be able to grow with the system adding features and functionality as needed”.

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