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With rapidly changing demographics and changing customer expectations, accurately capturing the “voice of the customer” is an increasing challenge. Public power’s premier market research firm, SDS Research, has conducted projects for more than 250 APPA-member communities nationwide, providing individual telephone, mail, electronic, and in-person interviews with customers and employees.

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To maintain your customers’ loyalty, you must exceed their expectations. The most reliable way to know what customers expect is to ask their opinions. Yes, public power is renowned for low-cost, reliable and customer-friendly service. But when they communicate with local, state and federal officials about the benefits of public power, APPA members need hard data to back their claims. SDS provides that data better than any other firm.

SDS Research is public power’s “vendor of choice” for employee and market research. A Hometown Connections partner since 1999, SDS offers APPA members discounted pricing and expertise in public power research. SDS has conducted research projects with more than 250 public power communities nationwide, in 36 states. No other research firm has interviewed more public power customers or potential customers than SDS, and no other firm has the breadth and depth of comparative industry benchmark data.

SDS employs its own certified agents to conduct telephone surveys. These qualified agents are trained and supervised using the highest standards, and each agent has been certified for interviewing the customers of power utilities.

Utilities have the ability to contract with SDS for research services at the APPA discount and additional discounts apply for aggregated or group projects. The aggregated research project strengthens the link between JAA or state association and its members, generating region-wide assessments of customer satisfaction and confirming public power’s strength in the local marketplace. These projects also offer individual utilities greater insight into the strategies, priorities and operations of their public power colleagues.