The Energy Authority National Energy Trading and Risk Management Services

As the strategic partner of choice for public power, The Energy Authority (TEA) helps public power utilities lower their rates, reduce risk and remain competitive in a constantly changing market. In today’s world that can make all the difference to you and your customers. TEA is wholly owned by public power and currently collaborates with over 40 public power utilities nationwide to help them optimize the value of their generation and load portfolio in wholesale energy markets in a manner that is consistent with each utility’s unique risk tolerances.

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Benefits & Services

Why you should join the TEA community…

TEA is a recognized leader in providing energy trading and risk management services nationwide, but TEA is so much more! TEA is owned by public power utilities and exclusively serves public power utilities, understanding their unique needs.


  • TEA works collaboratively with you to design and execute portfolio management strategies tailored to the specific needs of your utility.
  • TEA enables you to stay abreast of regulatory and legislative changes in a constantly changing market.
  • TEA seeks to understand and share your organization’s financial goals and risk profile.
  • TEA optimizes the value of your assets to increase revenues and lower costs to serve your customers.


  • Portfolio Management – TEA will customize a portfolio risk management program to help you meet the goals of your utility and reduce your market risks.
  • Natural Gas Management – TEA provides a full suite of natural gas trading, scheduling and optimization services.
  • RTO Market Management and Trading – TEA will manage your asset portfolio within Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO), including generation, load and congestion optimization.
  • Bilateral Energy Trading – TEA provides a full range of power trading services in the bilateral markets.
  • Power Supply Management – TEA supplies a fully integrated supply management service.
  • Advisory and Support Services – The TEA Risk Advisor ™ service provides you with access to subject matter expertise to assess the risk profile of your utility and help you create policies and training programs that reduce your risks.