Utility Financial Solutions Cost of Service Studies/Rate Design

UFS is public power’s premier provider of cost of service studies, unbundling studies, competitive rate designs, financial projects and special financial analysis.


Products & Services

Experts in the Utility Field

UFS is one of the largest providers of financial services to utilities throughout the United States. The UFS team of professionals includes engineers, accountants and economists who have completed more than 600 cost of service studies, rate studies and financial projections for utilities in 33 states, Alberta Canada, US Territory of Guam and the British Grand Cayman Island. As a result of their experience, UFS instructors are frequent speakers for utility agencies, including the American Public Power Association (APPA), American Municipal Power (AMP) and the Institute of Public Utilities (IPU). Courses include financial planning, cost of service, rate design and development of dynamic pricing methods for customers.

Professional Financial Consulting Solutions & Services
For expert financial analysis and guidance, turn to Utility Financial Solutions for cost of service, rate design, and financial planning services. UFS specializes in supporting municipal electric, water, wastewater, and telecommunications services. UFS offers cost of service and rate design studies modeled to fit each utility’s unique demographics and characteristics. Along with providing utility financial planning, cost of service studies, and rate design, UFS works with utility officials to justify revenue requirements for ensuring long-term financial stability. Professional services offered to municipalities across the United States include:

  • Financial Planning
  • Long Term Financial Projection
  • Cost of Service
  • Rate Design
  • Long Term Rate Track
  • Time of Use Rate Structures
  • Time of Use and Dynamic Pricing
  • Cash Reserve Policies
  • Line Extension Policies
  • Update fees
  • Financial Feasibility Studies
  • Valuation Services
  • Econometric Modeling Development
  • Training Services

Training Opportunities with UFS Experts
Utility Financial Solutions is a recognized leader in the utility field and its team members are regular speakers at professional organizations and conferences. They teach a wide variety of courses and webinars, including:

  • Basic Cost of Service & Retail Rate Design
  • Intermediate Cost of Service & Retail Rate Design
  • Advanced Cost of Service & Retail Rate Design
  • The Potential Impact of Smart Grid on Customer’s Rate Structures
  • Understanding New Approaches to Retail Rate Designs
  • Industry Rate Trends and Future Rate Structures
  • Utility Ratemaking for Boards & Councils
  • Overview of Utility Financial Operations for Boards & Councils
  • Financial Planning for Municipal Utilities
  • Coping with Financial Challenges During Periods of Declining Sales
  • Rate Structures to Create Revenue Stability During Tough Economic Times
  • Line Extension Policies (Contributions in Aid of Construction)
  • Developing Cash Reserve Policies
  • Maintaining or Improving Utility Bond Ratings
  • Determining Utility Revenue Requirements
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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For full descriptions and registration information for the APPA webinars and institutes, please visit the events page on the APPA website.