PowerSecure  Distributed Energy Infrastructure, LED Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Provides standby power generation systems for use during outages or to manage peak demand costs, as well as energy savings from LED outdoor lighting, PowerSecure partners with public power utilities to offer distributed energy solutions and lighting services to their electric system and large commercial/industrial customers.

Products & Services

Energy Technologies and Services for Public Power Utilities and their Large Customers
PowerSecure is a leading provider of innovative energy solutions to electric utilities and their industrial, institutional, and commercial customers in the areas of distributed energy infrastructure, energy efficiency, and utility infrastructure.

Distributed Energy Infrastructure
Distributed energy infrastructure solutions include Interactive Distributed Generation® (iDG®), fuel cells, energy storage and microgrid solutions. PowerSecure is a pioneer in developing distributed power systems and integration of distributed energy resources in a sophisticated microgrid, including the ability to:

  • Forecast electricity demand and optimize the deployment of the systems with the goal of optimizing customers’ energy efficiency.
  • Provide utilities and their commercial and industrial customers with dedicated and reliable distributed energy resources.
  • Provide customers with the most resilient power in the industry.
  • Create multiple value streams to the utility and its customers through distributed energy resource management utilizing PowerSecure’s PowerControl 24/7/365 monitoring framework.

PowerSecure is a “true” turnkey provider of distributed generation, with in-house engineering, procurement, construction, to commissioning and handover of the project to the Owner. PowerSecure’s robust, high-tech systems deliver value to utility partners and customers every day by generating strong financial returns and providing the peace of mind that comes with having the best standby power solution ready to protect their operations at all times.

The PowerSecure Difference

  • Industry-Leading Reliability
    Third-party verified and based on data from 1600+ systems.
  • Vertical Integration
    A full range of products and services – from power generation to system protections, controls, service and 24/7 monitoring capabilities.
  • PowerBlock by PowerSecure

    Engineering Expertise
    Registered Professional Engineers on staff with more than 2500 MW of combined design experience

  • Single-Source Accountability
    We are the designer and engineer. We are the manufacturer and the installation and service provider.
  • Proven Experience
    Installed and monitored more than 1600 sites, interconnected with more than 300 utilities and representing more than 1000 MW of dispatchable load.
  • Intelligent Partnerships
    Deep and broad knowledge of how utilities produce and sell electricity. We apply that knowledge to match our solutions with the needs of both the end customer and utility.

Microgrid Solutions
A microgrid is a localized system of distributed energy resources and loads that normally operate connected to and synchronous with the traditional centralized electric grid, but can be ‘islanded’ to operate independently from the main grid and controlled locally. PowerSecure, as an integrated solutions provider, designs, builds, owns and operates microgrids which includes on-site generation such as its ultra clean diesel Tier 4 Final, prime power gas generation systems, fuel cell energy systems, or renewable energy such as solar, wind and landfill gas to electric. These generating systems are coupled together and integrated with battery storage systems and PowerSecure’s switchgear.

Turnkey LED Streetlight Conversion Program
PowerSecure and Hometown Connections have launched a unique, vendor neutral, streetlight LED conversion program, integrating engineering and design services with project construction and installation. PowerSecure will help APPA member utilities choose among the high quality products from the top manufacturers in the global LED market. Whether a utility purchases LED fixtures from PowerSecure or from another manufacturer, PowerSecure will provide full lifecycle turnkey services: design and engineering, construction, labor, commissioning, control systems, and operations & maintenance services. There may be lease or finance options available that reduce the financial contribution from the city or electric department.

PowerSecure is providing a one-stop solution for municipal utilities that may be financed through energy savings. Through this program, PowerSecure:

  • Provides a free, no obligation audit of infrastructure and develops a preliminary scope, cost and savings analysis.
  • Serves as an independent solutions provider, with a catalog of turnkey options such as lamps, ballasts, and controls from all the leading manufacturers to ensure public power systems may access cutting-edge technology with a strong record of performance.
  • Conducts an in-depth analysis of photometrics, run hours, and dimming schedules.
  • Works closely with all city departments to ensure compliance, safety and affordability.
  • Offers best of class technology and warranties from a preselected catalogue of fixture and controls manufacturers.
  • Installs and programs controls systems, commissioned during installation, to ensure optimal lighting and savings levels.
  • Delivers utility-grade equipment and trained personnel available only from a well-established utility contractor.
  • Provides O&M services, communication and training to keep utility staff and end use customers fully informed.

PowerSecure’s Proven Success Serving Public Power Customers
Through its over seventeen-year partnership with ElectriCities of North Carolina, PowerSecure maintains more than 150 MW of generation installed at over 200 sites for ElectriCities’ member utilities. PowerSecure is expanding its public power presence across the U.S.

ElectriCities of North Carolina has endorsed PowerSecure as a trusted provider of distributed generation and other products since 2001. Our utility members have completed hundreds of distributed generation projects with PowerSecure, saving their large customers millions of dollars in electricity demand costs. We are impressed with how well PowerSecure partners with the utility, always willing to work with the utility to offer solutions to a customer. This truly has been a win-win-win situation. The customer lowers their electric costs and has emergency generation available, the utility keeps customer rates competitive and the demand costs low, and ElectriCities maintains wholesale power costs at a reasonable level while providing a value-added service to the membership. I recommend the PowerSecure solution to all of my colleagues in public power. With its headquarters in Wake Forest, one of the public power communities in North Carolina, we are proud to welcome PowerSecure as Hometown Connections’ newest partner.

Graham Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, ElectriCities of North Carolina.

To learn more about the full array of PowerSecure’s solutions for public power, visit the PowerSecure website.