Engineering & Operations

The pace of technology improvements is staggering. The stakes for public power are high. From the meter, through the substation and to the control room, new information and technology must work together to deliver optimal performance. The distribution system today is no longer a collection of individual parts, with minimal interaction with each other. Today’s grid must be responsive, informative, self-healing and most of all able to join the parts into a seamless system, supporting all aspects of utility operations. Hometown Connections has assembled a suite of Engineering and Operations solutions that are designed specifically for public power and its unique requirements.

The integrated products and services offered through Hometown Connections in support of utility Engineering & Operations include AMI, outage management systems, GIS systems, intelligent load management system, interactive distributed generation, mobile workforce solutions, LED outdoor lightingengineering analysis software, operations management software, cybersecurity monitoring/assessment, and cyber & physical security consulting.