Advanced Metering Purpose Built for Municipal Utility Systems

The Hometown Connections, Inc. (HCI) Advanced Metering Program offers public utilities an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution — purpose built for the unique needs, objectives and complexities of municipal utility systems.


Products & Services
Lower risk and cost-effective pathway to AMI for public utility systems

The Advanced Metering Program’s pioneering design provides customers with a holistic solution, leveraging extensive public utility experience and partnerships with expert service providers focused on reducing management complexity, lowering long-term risk, improving operational and system efficiencies, and forecasting/predicting future costs of complex technology systems. Public utility systems utilizing the program will deploy a best-of-breed infrastructure (meters, wireless network communications, applications and systems integrations) enabling the use of and support for a wide range of innovative and advanced technologies to serve the utility’s current needs and provide a platform for future smart city initiatives.

Program highlights:

  • Mature technology partners with millions of deployed meters and hundreds of application integrations to public power CIS, GIS, SCADA and OMS systems.
  • No meter lock-in — supports electric, water and gas meters from a number of major manufacturers.
  • Industry leading radio frequency (RF) wireless networking technologies paired with standards-based communications for maximizing reliability and openness to ensure maximum useful life out of the investment.
  • Service Level Agreement guaranteeing network availability and meter reads.
  • Advanced cyber protection, full Disaster Recovery, and 24/7/365 security and operations monitoring of all systems — ensuring a functional and robust meter-to-cash process.
  • Designed to be effective and beneficial for public utility systems of every size.

Why the HCI Program?

Risk Reduction

  • A program that aligns with the goals and values of public utilities.
  • Single point of accountability for the delivery and performance of the program.
  • Service Level Agreements.
  • Designed as a comprehensive solution with the goal of eliminating future unbudgeted costs related to compliance, software upgrades, system expansion, etc.


  • Choice of applications and integrations.
  • Choice of multiple meter hardware manufacturers.


  • Wholesale pricing on meters, network equipment and applications.
  • Senior level resources available to provide training and guidance to ensure staff are able to use the system effectively.
  • Scalable from the smallest to the largest public utility system.

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