Milsoft Utility Solutions  Software for a Smarter Grid

Milsoft provides more than a thousand electric utilities with powerful engineering, operations, and customer service software. Milsoft’s OMS/GIS/IVR and engineering analysis products maximize the utility’s ability to give employees and customers fast and accurate information.  Milsoft has been providing powerful software solutions since 1989 to power utility professionals like yourselves. Milsoft’s service and support is recognized as a key strength of ours. We know that our work is just beginning after the point of sale and we’ll work hard to earn your trust and confidence.

Products and Services

  • Outage Management, Mobile Outage Management, Outage Analytics,  Outage Alerts and Customer Notifications
  • Interactive Voice Response with Automated Customer Services, In-House and Hosted Solutions. Ask about hazard preparedness “Hammer Testing.”  
  • Geographic Information System and Field Engineering
  • Engineering Analysis

Milsoft Outage Management Software (DisSPatch®)  enables you to better manage your electric utility grid during minor and major service outages. Power system professionals in over 200 electric utilities use Milsoft OMS to discover and respond to service outages in a more informed, effective and efficient manner to shorten the duration of outages, improve public and worker safety, and keep utility employees and customers better informed. You can also work outages in the field with Milsoft Mobile and provide stunning operational metrics with Milsoft Visual Analytics. Customers and Employees can also be set up to receive notices and alerts. Milsoft can also supply your utility with a Web Outage Viewer configured to suit your needs. This allows customers to access outage data affecting them easily and quickly on line.

Milsoft Communications (IVR) provides state of the art interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities for inbound and outbound communications and commerce with comprehensive call handling logic and message scripting tools for a utility to customize as required. Milsoft Connections, a hosted IVR solution, is available for utilities that prefer not having IVR telephony on site.  There are also powerful options you can add to your system that empowers customers with services such as bill payment and account inquiries. Milsoft  is  aslo PCI compliant which means our credit card processing transactions meet the requirements for safely managing your customer’s credit card data and transactions.

Milsoft Geographic Information System (WindMilMap®) provides all of the features and functions of the best geographic information systems to enable convenient, efficient and accurate capture, maintenance and utilization of geospatial information, physical asset data and maps for an electric distribution system. It’s also the only GIS that provides a single data source for the electrical connectivity model. This makes our GIS much more than a graphical representation of your electric system; it really takes your electric connectivity model to the next level. Milsoft Field Engineering (aka staking) will enable you to design and document a line extension or other facility addition more easily, quickly and accurately in full integration with WindMilMap and your other administrative systems.

Milsoft Engineering Analysis (WindMil®) electric distribution modeling and analysis software has the capability to model and analyze all of the elements of a distribution grid in complete detail, phase-by-phase, balanced or unbalanced, all the way to each customer’s meter. WindMil includes accurate, powerful voltage drop and power flow, short circuit and fault current, and arc flash hazard analysis.