Clevest Announces New Automated Worker Location Solution for Utilities

Easy location solution to increase safety and productivity for contractors and crews

Clevest has released the Clevest Automated Worker Location (AWL) solution for utilities which includes a mobile application that is now available on Google Play and the iTunes App Store as “Clevest Worker Location”.

clevest-awlThe Clevest AWL solution is a cost-effective solution to locate and display contractors, borrowed crews, and the utility’s own crews through workers’ GPS enabled smartphone and tablet devices. Eliminating the need to install in-vehicle hardware, the Clevest AWL mobile application helps increase the efficiency and productivity of field operations while improving worker safety.

The Clevest AWL solution is comprised of the Clevest WorkSpace for the administration, visualization, and tracking of workers administration, visualization, and tracking of workers, and the Clevest Worker Location mobile application for relaying the GPS locations of the workers in the field to the office.

“Our Worker Location mobile application is an easy-to-install, user-friendly AVL-like application which provides visibility of the location of field workers on an AVL tracking application, such as Clevest WorkSpace, or third party applications like Outage Management Systems,” stated Carol Johnston, VP Product Marketing, Clevest. The application can be run on GPS enabled handheld mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

From the time of its release, the Clevest Worker Location application can be downloaded from the Google Play and the iTunes App Store and loaded onto the workers’ smart devices.

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