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February 2019

Low cost comprehensive insurance for public power is available through Hometown Connections partner, Marsh-Wortham Power Gen Insurance. Marsh-Wortham offers programs designed exclusively for members of the American Public Power Association. To receive public power’s best insurance deals, add Marsh-Wortham Power Gen Insurance to your RFP list:

Marsh Wortham Power Gen Insurance, a division of Marsh USA Inc.
Duns #: 07-741-7533
George Adkins, Managing Director
2727 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX 77019

The Hometown Connections/Marsh-Wortham insurance program provides a broad array of options and group benefits:


  • Designed for public power utilities that Insure generation assets
  • Claims Preparation Service, included at no-cost
  • 1st Year Savings Average 20-40%
  • No Sharing of Limits, Deductibles, or Renewal Dates
  • Municipality (Parent Organization) Assets can be Included


  • All American Public Power Assoc members eligible
  • $0 deductible available for entities with <$100m in Revenues
  • Other Departments and Parent Organization can be included
  • Free Cyber Risk Evaluation and Report
  • 24/7 Cyber Incident Triage Hotline
  • Post Cyber Breach Services
    • Claims Process Management – Appointing Specialists
    • Legal Services
    • Computer Forensic Services
    • Notification/Call Center Services
    • Fraud Resolution Services
    • Public Relations and Crisis Management Services


  • Designed for distribution utilities (less than 20 MW generation capacity)
  • Municipal buildings and utility systems included (water, sewer, etc.)
  • Workers Compensation
  • Public Officials and General Liability
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Terrorism Insurance

Insurance-Related Services

  • Appraisal (Valuation) Service—qualified appraisers at reduced fee
  • Subrogation Service—recovers monies from damage to self-insured property (utility poles, Transformers, traffic lights etc.)
  • CIP- 14 Physical Security Consulting
  • Insurance Claim Preparation Service – No cost if part of Hometown Insurance Program

For more information on the Public Power Insurance Program, visit the Wortham Power Gen website or email

For information on all the products and services available through Hometown Connections, visit or send an email to

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