Hometown Connections Partners with Industry Experts to Protect Public Power from Cyber Threats

July 2017

Monitoring, Program Design & Maintenance, Insurance
From Partners of Hometown Connections

Public power’s most urgent priority is to build a comprehensive cybersecurity program at every utility, association, and joint action agency. In response, Hometown Connections, the utility services subsidiary of the American Public Power Association, provides public power organizations with three lines of defense against cyber threats: threat monitoring by N-Dimension Solutions, program development by AESI, and liability insurance by Wortham Power Gen Insurance.

By N-Dimension Solutions

  • Continuous threat monitoring of network traffic
  • On-demand vulnerability assessment


  • Holistic program development, assessments, and implementation
  • Workshops/training for board, executive management, and staff

By Wortham Power Gen Insurance

  • Financial protection from breach of customer/employee data
  • Including notification/credit monitoring costs, legal fees, fines, income protection, professional services

N-Dimension’s N-Sentinel Monitoring offers continuous monitoring of network traffic, detecting and alerting on cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment delivers on-demand assessment of endpoint devices connected to the network, detecting latent vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications and providing insight into the cybersecurity issues. A secure web-based portal is easily accessible and provides detailed reports about threats.  Cybersecurity experts are available to answer questions and assist customers via phone and email

AESI supports the development and implementation of comprehensive cyber and physical security solutions for public power utilities, including risk assessments, product assessments, penetration testing, network architecture reviews, system integration, education & training, hands-on day-to-day routine tasks, and regulatory compliance.

Developed by Hometown Connections and Wortham Power Gen Insurance, the Public Power Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance Program provides data breach against risks not covered by property & casualty policies or TORT immunity statutes limiting lawsuit liability exposure for municipal entities. Benefits include:

  • Liability from a data breach in which customers’ or employees’/retirees personal information [e.g., Social Security, Medical Information or credit card numbers] are exposed or stolen
  • Expenses associated with a data breach including notification costs, credit monitoring, and legal costs
  • Costs associated with Regulatory Fines & Penalties (HIPPA, NERC, FERC, Payment Cards, etc.)
  • Liability arising from erroneous website media content, as well as costs associated with data recovery, computer fraud, funds transfer loss, and cyber extortion
  • Emergency access to professional services to handle data breach crisis management and limit reputational harm

For more information on the comprehensive cybersecurity offerings from the partners of Hometown Connections, contact:

Bill Smart




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