Hometown Connections Selects AESI To Deliver Cyber and Physical Security Consulting Services

Expands Public Power Cybersecurity Lines of Defense to Include
Threat Monitoring, Program Design & Implementation, Insurance


LAKEWOOD, CO and TUCKER, GA – May 30, 2017 – Hometown Connections, the utility services subsidiary of the American Public Power Association, and AESI-US, Inc. announced a partnership to provide cyber and physical security consulting services to public power electric, gas, and water utilities. AESI supports the development and implementation of cyber and physical security solutions including risk assessments, product assessments, penetration testing, network architecture reviews, system integration, education & training, hands-on day-to-day routine tasks, and regulatory compliance.

Through Hometown Connections, American Public Power Association members gain access to discount pricing on systems and services from the industry’s leading vendors, as well as consulting support in the areas of organization assessment, strategic planning, market research, and workforce solutions.

“With the addition of AESI, Hometown Connections is filling out its public power protection program to include three lines of cyber defense—threat monitoring by N-Dimension Solutions, program development by AESI, and liability insurance by Wortham Power Gen Insurance,” said Bill Smart, Senior Vice President, Business Development. “We have been helping public power utilities address cyber issues since 2009, and we are excited to add the cybersecurity consulting services from AESI to our suite of solutions. AESI enables public power officials to obtain expert external support for building a comprehensive, sustainable cybersecurity program. Plus, AESI helps public power systems plan, implement, and maintain physical security programs for their buildings, equipment, and personnel, which are as vulnerable as the utility information systems.”

“Cyber and physical security permeate so many aspects of our business world and personal lives,” said Doug Westlund, Senior Vice President, AESI. “We have been tackling these challenges with public power from the beginning, conducting assessments, fortifying systems, and educating those we’ve worked with through mentorship and training. Through our new partnership with Hometown Connections, we will work even more closely with our colleagues in public power to build the full-feature security programs their communities expect and require.”

About Hometown Connections International, LLC
Hometown Connections is the utility services subsidiary of the American Public Power Association, offering public power utilities guidance and access to quality products/services from a trusted entity with public power’s best interests in mind. Hometown Connections personnel provide consulting support in the areas of organization assessment, strategic planning, governance development, market research, and staffing. Hometown Connections provides discounted pricing on technology, services, and other solutions from industry-leading companies. The products and services offered through Hometown Connections include the full range of advanced grid solutions, as well as financial and organizational management tools and consulting. For more information, visit www.hometownconnections.com, https://www.facebook.com/HTConnections, https://twitter.com/HTConnections.

About AESI
AESI is an engineering and consulting firm, serving electric utilities since 1984. AESI provides utility management and engineering, NERC compliance, utility automation, cyber security, smart grid, and risk management services to public power utilities and co-ops. AESI’s clients benefit from access to industry leading expertise, reliability improvements and lower costs. Building on the bench strength of direct utility experience and practical consulting background, AESI’s team of approximately 35 permanent staff and several more occasional staff, is a unique, non-traditional blend of engineers and technical staff. AESI’s Networks and Security group has a solid history of helping electric power utilities develop and implement a synergistic cybersecurity program from the fundamentals of assessing hardware and systems, to foundations of training/educating the people that use those systems on a daily basis, and up through to reporting as an element of risk management. For more information visit http://www.aesi-inc.com/.

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