LED Street Lighting: Not If But When

When high-definition television technology emerged in the 1980s it didn’t take long for American consumers to see the difference. It quickly became a matter of not if, but when HDTV would take over analog.

A similar picture holds true for LED street lights. The Department of Energy (DOE) predicts by the year 2020 LED lighting will generate half of the nation’s lighting market, and will dominate by 2030. DOE also predicts LED use will grow most rapidly in street/roadway and general service lighting submarkets. PowerSecure and Hometown Connections have launched a vendor-neutral program to assist in offering municipal utilities LED street light conversions. PowerSecure will provide full lifecycle turnkey services: design and engineering, construction, labor, commissioning, control systems, and operations and maintenance services.

There may be lease or finance options available that reduce financial contributions from city or electric departments.

Converting an entire streetlight system to LED fixtures is a once-in-a-career project. Whether a system has 300 fixtures or 3,000, full-scale conversion is a project that presents a unique set of challenges that will be undertaken in full view of city officials and residents. With the right leadership and technology, a successful LED conversion can deliver substantial energy and cost savings, and significantly improved light quality to the community.

PS Lighting for WebPowerSecure provides a one-stop solution for municipal utilities that may be financed through energy savings. Through this program, PowerSecure:

  • Provides a free, no obligation audit of infrastructure and develops a preliminary scope, cost and savings analysis
  • Serves as an independent solutions provider, with a catalog of turnkey options such as lamps, ballasts, and controls from all the leading manufacturers to ensure public power systems may access cutting-edge technology with a strong record of performance
  • Conducts an in-depth analysis of photometrics, run hours and dimming schedules
  • Works closely with all city departments to ensure compliance, safety and affordability
  • Offers best of breed technology and warranties from a preselected catalogue of fixture and controls manufacturers
  •  Installs and programs controls systems, commissioned during installation, to ensure optimal lighting and savings levels
  • Delivers utility-grade equipment and trained personnel available only from a well-established utility contractor
  • Provides O&M services, communication and training to keep utility staff and end use customers fully informed.

Article by Tony Phillips, Manager, LED Street Light Program at PowerSecure, Inc. In affiliation with Hometown Connections, PowerSecure provides LED street lighting and distributed generation products and services to public power systems.

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