Milsoft Releases New Upgrade for WindMil and LightTable Stand-Alone Users

Milsoft has released its latest Version 8.7.23 for both Stand-Alone Installers and E&O Enterprise Upgrades.

WindMil customers with an active support contract will be able to download the upgrade directly from  When you sign in, you will have access to the following related documents and your new software link.

8.7.23 Changes Overview.pdf
How to Download and Configure the Stand-Alone WindMil Client V3.2.pdf
How to Download and Configure the Stand-Alone LightTable Client V3.2.pdf

For Enterprise customers:  if you missed our previous message, Milsoft has added a new webpage that will allow E&O customers to schedule their installs!  See the link below.

The stand-alone version of WindMil is not capable of working with linked local models.    

I want to schedule my upgrade!

Milsoft is a marketing partner of Hometown Connections, a national non-profit utility services organization owned by and working for public power.

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