N-Dimension Solutions – Driving Security-as-a-Service to Utilities

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April 12, 2016

Founded in 2001, N-Dimension Solutions has built a strong business around offering professional cybersecurity services to utilities.

In the course of delivering these services, N-Dimension developed its own technology, improving its efficiency in delivering services. The technology quickly identifies cyber risks and their source, and efficiently aggregates the volumes of data associated with a threat, significantly reducing the time and effort to analyze the information.

NDSI_NO taglineN-Dimension’s managed security services came at a good time, with the proliferation of the smart grid and growing cyber threat risks to utilities. The cloud-based security intelligence, combined with in-house cybersecurity experts, were the foundation that successfully transformed N-Dimension into a Managed Security Service Provider tailored for utilities since 2015.

“I was surprised and concerned to see the high number and severity of threats hitting our network on a daily basis,” said Bob Selzer, director of Retail Utility Services, Nebraska Municipal Power Pool. “I knew right away we had work to do to improve our security posture and armed with the detailed information from N-Sentinel plus guidance from N-Dimension’s team of security experts, we have made significant improvements.”

Selzer adds that utilities need to face the fact that threats are coming fast and furious — whether or not they’re ready.

“…we knew it was likely threats were hitting our utility but didn’t know how often or how much harm. Rather than wait for one of the attacks to successfully penetrate our security we wanted to be better prepared in advance. N-Sentinel provides us with a detailed understanding of threats and how to improve our security posture,” said Tom Borowiak, vice president engineering, Citizens Electric Corporation.

Continuous monitoring of network traffic provides detailed insights into utility risks and anonymized utility community data offers comparative insight into threats affecting other utilities.

“As a result of having N-Sentinel in our network I feel like we have a granular filter to identify potential cyber threats plus provide us with specific guidance on what actions for our IT team to take to improve our security,” said George Buckner, information services manager, Central Florida Electric Cooperative. “We have learned that threat data is just that unless you turn it into something you can use to take action.”

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