N-Dimension’s N-Sentinel Delivers Intelligent Analysis and Prioritization of Security Concerns Accelerating Remediation

N-Sentinel Monitoring Portal Provides Customers With Secure Access to Cyber Threat Data

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada – September 22, 2015 – N-Dimension, a market leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with innovative solutions that protect smart energy networks from cyber threats, has added a secure web-based portal to its N-Sentinel Monitoring service.  The portal provides customers with anytime, anywhere, browser-based access to their own current and historical reports and data, and includes a cybersecurity knowledge base.  Intelligent aggregation and prioritization of security concerns is an innovative features added that guides customers on which issues are the most critical to address, and includes recommended actions for remediation.

The new N-Sentinel Monitoring portal includes intuitive navigation with multi-level presentation of data for ease of access to pertinent information by different audiences, from executive to IT staff.  For example, the dashboard offers a high-level view of the overall cybersecurity health of the utility’s network.  Utility management can obtain a general understanding of their overall security posture and view their progress over time.  A summary count of security concerns grouped by severity levels 1-3 is included in the dashboard.

Detailed N-Sentinel Monitoring reports provide IT with insights into each security concern and specific guidance on remediation.  The priority of security concerns is based upon industry assigned priority levels (1-3) for each issue, which relates to the severity and immediacy of need for remediation.  Based upon years of experience, N-Dimension has found that within the three industry-defined priority levels, oftentimes customers have multiple security concerns making it difficult for them to discern the order in which to address the issues.  For example, all security concerns classified as priority 1, based on industry classifications, may not be the most critical to address.  To help customers navigate through the confusion and make the best decisions, an innovation in the N-Sentinel Monitoring portal is intelligent prioritization of all security concerns based on best practices and N-Dimension insights.  Customers receive specific guidance on which issues to address first as well as information on remediation.

Cybersecurity Photo for WebsiteThe N-Sentinel portal includes a knowledge base of security related articles, threat information and N-Dimension cyber threat insights.  The knowledge base is continually updated and includes a search engine to enable customers to easily find information.

The newly released customer portal is available immediately to all existing N-Sentinel Monitoring customers and free trial accounts.  N-Dimension plans to continue to enhance the features of the portal based on feedback from customers and industry best practices.

“The N-Sentinel Monitoring portal is a significant step towards empowering utility customers to take timely and informed actions to improve their cybersecurity posture,” said Tom Ayers, president and CEO, N-Dimension.

About N-Dimension Solutions
N-Dimension is a market leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSPP) with innovative solutions tailored to protect smart energy networks from cyber attacks, improving system reliability and safeguarding critical infrastructure, data and assets.  The company’s N-Sentinel line of services delivers continuous vigilance, detecting and alerting on cyber threats.  It combines cloud-based security intelligence and access to cybersecurity experts to deliver actionable guidance that enables utilities to take timely, preemptive action to protect themselves against cyber threats.

N-Dimension is the exclusive cybersecurity partner of Hometown Connections, the utility services subsidiary of the American Public Power Association (APPA) and an associate member of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA).

For more information about N-Sentinel and to request a free on-site trial of our N-Sentinel Monitoring, please visit our website at www.n-dimension.com.  Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and check out our blog.

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