Strengthen Customer Communications With Milsoft Hosted IVR

Make it easy for your customers to access user-friendly automated customer service 24/7/365 , when a live operator is not practical. Join the growing number of public power utilities turning to the hosted interactive voice response (IVR) system from Milsoft Utility Solutions.

In partnership with Hometown Connections, Milsoft provides the most powerful engineering, operations, and customer service software with the best technical support in public power.

Hosted IVR Solution
Deploy the Milsoft hosted IVR solution to eliminate busy signals, answer customer questions, assemble crews after hours, or alert customers of system status automatically. The benefits of the Milsoft hosted IVR communications system include:

  • Customers may access billing and service scheduling options through an intuitive and personal interface.
  • Telephone, email and text message options allow you to interact with your user base at any time using their preferred communications channels.
  • Customers can report outages and receive outage updates while keeping staff resources free to focus on restoring power quickly.
  • You can empower customers with add-on services such as bill payment and account inquiries.
  • Learn more by watching this Milsoft IVR video.
  • The Milsoft hosted solution provides all the benefits of IVR in a way that makes it practical for even the smallest public power system.
  • It is simpler and less expensive to deploy and maintain than on-site facilities.
  • You have more flexibility, capabilities and availability while avoiding capital investment, equipment maintenance and upgrades, and staffing.
  • The call volume your utility can handle increases.
  • Equipped with the latest Storage Area Networks and cloud technologies, Milsoft can host your IVR in state-of-the-art facilities so secure and well regarded that the FBI is a client.

Highly regarded for a long and successful track record of service to public power, Milsoft offers one solution for all of your customer interaction needs.

For more information on Milsoft’s hosted customer communications solution, contact Hometown Connections:

Bill Smart

Utilities Using Milsoft Hosted IVR

Public Power References:

Chad Lynch
Supervisor, System Operations Center
Ocala Electric Utility
Ocala, FL

Ryan Kelso
Systems Control Manager
New Braunfels Utilities
New Braunfels, TX

Jared Curle
GIS System Analyst
Provo City Power
Provo, UT

Nicole Curtis
Loudon Utilities
GWS Divisions Plant Accountant
Loudon Utilities
Loudon, TN

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