Turn to N-Dimension’s Managed Services to Improve Your Cybersecurity Score

N-Dimension Solution’s N-Sentinel Managed Services help utilities improve their score on the Public Power Cybersecurity Scorecard and rating in the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) program.

The Public Power Cybersecurity Scorecard is an online self-assessment tool to help public power utilities understand their security posture. Based on the DOE Electricity Subsector Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (ES-C2M2), the scorecard provides utilities with a starting point to address cyber risks. The Scorecard is a custom tool for public power utilities to assess cyber risk, plan improvements, prioritize investments, and benchmark their security posture. Utilities start by completing a simple self-assessment of their cybersecurity program. For more information, view an overview of the scorecard platform or email Cybersecurity@PublicPower.org.

The American Public Power Association’s RPprogram is based on industry-recognized leading practices for public power utilities in reliability, safety, workforce development, and system improvement. Being recognized by the RPprogram demonstrates to community leaders, governing board members, suppliers and service providers a utility’s commitment to operating an efficient, safe, and reliable distribution system. For more information, download the RP3 brochure.

N-Dimension’s N-Sentinel managed security services are designed specifically for utilities, delivering continuous cyber threat monitoring and comprehensive remediation guidance. With timely awareness and insights about cyber threats, along with actionable information and access to cybersecurity experts, customers can protect their networks, data and assets from cyber risks. Utilities that use these systems and fix their issues have shown a 25% decrease in their cyber risk during the first 4 months and a 50% decrease in their cyber risk during the first year.

The chart below indicates which Cybersecurity Scorecard questions N-Sentinel addresses.

For full details on how the N-Sentinel Managed Services can help improve your utility’s cybersecurity score and RP3rating, download this whitepaper from N-Dimension.

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