Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Utility Data

ElectSolve’s Integrated MDM, ODM, and IT Solutions Hold the Key

Your utility systems generate a treasure trove of data. CIS, MDM/ODM, OMS, GIS, SCADA and more are key to improving operations and customer service. The only way to unlock the true value of this information is to share data between systems. That’s what ElectSolve makes easy.

Working for public power in partnership with Hometown Connections since 2011, ElectSolve is a full service provider of advanced utility data management solutions.

Meter Data Management
On-premise or cloud-based solution that collects, processes, validates, analyzes and stores Advanced Metering Infrastructure data to help utilities with rising data volumes. Read HERE how ElectSolve’s MDM is helping Bay City, MI improve billing & customer services.

Operational Data Management
Eliminate data silos. ElectSolve maps all utility operational data sources so all users from multiple departments have a single view of clean, accurate data to fulfill business objectives and regulatory compliance.

IT Services & Support
ElectSolve provides certified IT professionals to help utilities through a full range of IT services and technology support, from optimizing resources to maintaining infrastructure to migrating to the Cloud.

For information on ElectSolve’s data management and IT services, visit www.electsolve.com.

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