Utilities Need IT Professionals and Cybersecurity Experts

Just Like They Need Both Electricians and Lineworkers

White Paper by N-Dimension Solutions

Many public power utilities or rural electric cooperatives have either no information technology (IT) department or rely on understaffed IT departments.

In other cases, utilities contract to a 3rd party network and system administrator (3rd Party IT) to maintain networks and equipment. Often 3rd Party IT contractors come onsite only when asked, mostly when the utility reports an issue with computers or network communication. In addition, the skillset of an in-house IT personnel or 3rd party IT contractor can vary greatly. Some can strictly troubleshoot computer issues and install programs, while others have the knowledge and experience to build complex networks and set up virtual servers and cloud services. However, in many cases, these professionals may not have the necessary skills, training, knowledge and experience to handle cyber threats.

What is the Difference Between an IT Professional and a Cybersecurity Professional?

Download this white paper by N-Dimension Solutions to understand the different skillsets of an in-house IT employee (or 3rd party IT consultant) and a cybersecurity professional. N-Dimension defines these differences and addresses how these two professionals can work together to improve cybersecurity protection of the utilities.

N-Sentinel Providing Cybersecurity Intelligence
When the N-Sentinel monitoring team detects cybersecurity incidents on your network, a cybersecurity analysis is performed, and the team then works with your IT professionals to implement the identified remediation and mitigation protocols.

With N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment, your utility’s networked systems’ weaknesses are identified, and a cybersecurity team is ready to discuss the results and provide further guidance. With your N-Sentinel service, a team of cybersecurity experts are on-call to assist you or your 3rd party IT company to resolve your cyber issues.

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