Katama Technologies, Inc. Utility Technology Consulting

The experts at Katama Technologies serve as an advocate and a professional technology implementation resource for public power utilities.

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Technology Planning & Implementation Consulting

Katama Technologies, Inc. (KTI) provides public power utilities with technology planning and implementation consulting services, including sensing, analytics, communication, control, renewables, and energy management. The services focus on utilities looking to deploy or upgrade Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), SCADA, and other electricity distribution automation systems.

KTI services and expertise include technology financial planning, assessment, and deployment. Since 2003, KTI has provided detailed, successful analytical services to more than 30 public power utilities across the U.S.

Committed to serving as a management consulting resource to public power communities, Hometown Connections is complementing its strategic planning, research and organization assessment services with the technology planning expertise of Katama Technologies. As APPA members invest in advanced metering, SCADA, and other distribution system technologies, KTI professionals provide expert guidance on project design, budgeting, and implementation strategies based on extensive, real-world experience with public power clients.

KTI’s goal is to provide public power utilities with accurate, objective, and thorough assessments for critical business decisions. KTI personnel believe successful investments in automation technology depend on a series of careful and client-specific analyses. The firm’s comprehensive and adaptable business models are designed as tools for changing circumstances and to monitor various phases of project deployment.

The Principals of KTI possess a unique combination of industry experience in developing and delivering AMI and SCADA solutions worldwide, as well as numerous successful deployments at public power utilities nationwide. KTI is able to meet a public power community’s strategic needs in assessing and implementing operational automation systems.