N-Dimension Solutions Inc.  Cybersecurity Monitoring/Assessment

N-Dimension is a managed security service provider with innovative solutions tailored to protect smart energy networks from cyber threats, improving system reliability and safeguarding critical infrastructure, data and assets.  N-Dimension’s services are used to protect utility core networks and operations including SCADA, AMI, OMS, DA and more. It is a key element in a layered defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy, often detecting threats that bypass other cybersecurity defenses.


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Unlike others, N-Dimension takes a utility-centric approach to cybersecurity, offering utility community cyber intelligence that offers insights into utility specific threats and guidance on how to protect against them.  N-Dimension also provides actionable cybersecurity reports and access to in-house security experts who work with public power utilities one-on-one to provide guidance on understanding threats and remediation.

Products & Services

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N-Sentinel is a line of complementary cloud-based managed security services that maintain continuous vigilance in the detection of cyber vulnerabilities, helping critical energy infrastructures take time action in protecting their networks, data and assets from risks.

N-Sentinel Monitoring
Offers continuous monitoring of network traffic, detecting and alerting on cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  Includes detailed insights into risks and guidance on mitigation.  A secure web-based portal is easily accessible that provides detailed reports and data about threats.  Cybersecurity experts are available to answer questions and assist customers via phone and email.

N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment
Delivers on-demand assessment of endpoint devices connected to the network, detecting latent vulnerabilities in operating systems and applications and providing insight into the cybersecurity issues. Actionable threat intelligence is available via a secure web portal and reports provide data on security risks.  Cybersecurity experts are accessible via email or phone and offer guidance on appropriate actions to mitigate risks.

N-Sentinel Solution Detail
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N-Sentinel Product Highlights

  • 24 x 7 cybersecurity threat monitoring and alerts
    Detects attacks and threats that bypass other defenses, reducing risk of them causing damage and spreading.
  • Actionable cyber threat intelligence and guidance on reducing risk
    Easy to understand yet comprehensive information that enables utilities to understand threats detected and which are critical, as well as specific actions they can take to improve their security posture.
  • Utility community cyber intelligence
    Monitoring threats across a community of similar utilities improves the accuracy of threat detection and can provide advance threat warning about attacks starting to affect some members. Early knowledge can be used by utilities to take proactive action in advance of an attack.
  • Cybersecurity expert assistance
    Phone and email access is available to help utilities understand threats and get guidance on remediation from knowledgeable experts.
  • Free, no obligation, 60-day trial of N-Sentinel Monitoring and N-Sentinel Vulnerability Assessment
    Provides utilities with insights into cyber risks
  • Special group program available to joint action agencies/state associations

For more information about N-Sentinel, please visit the N-Dimension website at www.n-dimension.com


Whitepaper: “Cyber Threat Detection & Intelligence for Utilities”
An in-depth view on how N-Sentinel Monitoring works to help in protecting utilities from cyber threats,  As a managed security service it combines an intrusion detection system with timely alerts, threat analytics, and actionable guidance on threat remediation and risk mitigation to help utilities protect their network, data and assets. Click here to download your copy.

Whitepaper: “The Importance of Cybersecurity Threat Detection for Utilities”
With the increasing number and breadth of cyberthreats being launched against utilities, a comprehensive approach to cyber protection is essential. Now more than ever, utilities need to be vigilant in managing and keeping their security posture updated. This paper discusses why cybersecurity monitoring has been identified as a key element in a layered security architecture and how N-Dimension’s N-Sentinel cybersecurity monitoring program offers customers a complete solution that is tailored for utilities. Click here to download your copy.
NDSI White Paper

Three Lines of Cybersecurity Defense
Hometown Connections partners with AESI, N-Dimension Solutions, and Wortham Power Gen Insurance to provide THREE LINES OF DEFENSE against cyber threats:

By N-Dimension Solutions

  • Continuous threat monitoring of network traffic
  • On-demand vulnerability assessment


  • Holistic program development, assessments and implementation
  • Workshops/training for board, executive management, and staff

By Wortham Power Gen Insurance

  • Financial protection from breach of customer/employee data
  • Including notification/credit monitoring costs, legal fees, fines, income protection, professional services

Contacting N-Dimension
N-Dimension personnel work with public power officials across the U.S. on a daily basis. For more information, contact:

Scott Mossbrooks
Director of Sales
N-Dimension Solutions, Inc.