N-Dimension Solutions Inc.  Cyber Security

N-Dimension Solutions Inc. is the leading provider of cyber-security protection to public power utilities.

N-Dimension provides cyber-security protection for critical infrastructure assets including: generating plants, control centers, substations, field control systems, SCADA systems and smart meter networks. Our solution protects enterprise and operational technology from cyber-attacks by providing a comprehensive, defense-in-depth solution that all critical infrastructure operators can afford.

As operational technology experts, N-Dimension picks up where most cyber-security solutions leave off – at the vulnerable interconnections between information technology systems and the critical infrastructure assets.  Only N-Dimension offers a complete solution for critical infrastructure operators with benefits of reliability, revenue assurance, and risk mitigation.

N-Dimension is recognized by multiple industry groups as a North American market leader; and is the exclusive cyber-security partner of Hometown Connections and its public utility members.

Products & Services

Cyber Security Protection for Critical Infrastructure Assets™
N-Dimension provides a full line of cyber-security products and services that deliver defense-in-depth protection at a price that is affordable to all utilities. Features include:

  • Advanced monitoring technology that automates the Discovery Phase of our process.
  • A comprehensive, proprietary software platform designed to identify, isolate and mitigate threats at every level of intrusion.
  • A powerful management platform that provides users with total system visibility and generates reports needed for operations management, governance, and compliance requirements.
  • A unique design architecture featuring Information and Operational Technologies (IT/OT) to protect critical assets as well as databases.
  • A modular, extensible offering that can be easily customized to customer needs.
  • Preplanned integration into all of the most popular SCADA and control system platforms.

Technical Solutions
N-Dimension has built an innovative family of software platforms designed specifically to protect the assets of critical infrastructure operators.  NDSI’s platforms provide the cyber-security fabric for protection across the energy delivery system, from gas pipelines through to power generation plants through to transmission and distribution operations.  Learn More

Technical Services
N-Dimension understands that critical infrastructure operators of all sizes have constrained resources often making it difficult to undertake cyber-security programs.  N-Dimension has a team of cyber-security experts that provide a full suite of technical services.  These services are defined based on customer needs and can range from full turnkey projects to specific roles to augment internal resources.  Learn More

Managed Services
To provide complete 7×24 cyber-security management of critical infrastructure assets, N-Dimension Solutions Inc. (NDSI) offers a comprehensive managed service.  This service includes the N-Dimension security devices, support services, 7×24 monitoring and extensive reporting.  Learn More

N-SentinelTurnkey Cyber Security Monitoring Package
The first step in securing your network is knowing what’s threatening it…

Cyber Threat Illustration2


N-Sentinel is a cloud-appliance based cyber security solution that identifies, analyzes and provides actionable intelligence and utility community insights about cyber security threats. N-Sentinel features:

  • 24 x 7 cyber security monitoring & alerts
  • Intelligent cloud-based threat analysis
  • Utility community cyber intelligence
  • Actionable threat intelligence data, reports and access to security experts
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable

Contact N-Dimension for a 60-day free trial of the N-Sentinel monitoring package and find out what cyber threats may be lurking on your network now!  Pricing available upon request. Group discounts available for joint action agencies/state associations and their members.

Infographic: Physical Security of the Electric Grid

Download and share this infographic on physical security of the electric grid on your website, with news stories, and on all social media channels. Permissions not required. Attribute American Public Power Association, www.PublicPower.org.

Read N-Dimension CEO Doug Westlund’s article in the Nov/Dec issue of Electric Energy T&D Magazine here

N-Dimension has been named by Smart Grid News as one of “14 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2014”. Nominations for N-Dimension referenced the company’s focus on cooperative and public power utilities as well as their integrated Information Technology / Operational Technology (IT/OT) approach to providing defense-in-depth resilience for critical infrastructure assets. All winners can be found at the Smart Grid News website.

N-Dimension is a Momentum Company of the Year Finalist in the TechConnex 2014 Technology Leadership Awards.

TechNavio, a global technology research and advisory firm, has recognized N-Dimension as one of the Top 18 Smart Grid Cyber Security Companies.