MFP-Connect™ Energy Workforce Solutions

MFP-Connect, LLC, is a joint venture by Mycoff, Fry & Prouse and Hometown Connections. The Energy Workforce Solutions from MFP-Connect [formerly “Strategic Power Placements”] matches retired executives with utilities to fill critical skills gaps on an interim basis and mentor staff for success in public power.

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Energy Workforce Solutions
MFP-Connect™ is helping to address the public power industry “brain drain” as retirement rates rise and hiring freezes delay the appointment of utility directors, department heads, and project managers with the skills and experience needed.

MFP-Connect finds retired executives to fill in while permanent replacements are being sought.

MFP-Connect serves as an industry resource to public power utilities, joint action agencies, and state associations, providing experienced professionals for temporary assignment. MFP-Connect helps public power organizations identify their needs and provides experienced interim leaders to fill executive positions and lead special projects. The MFP-Connect network of retirees enables APPA members to keep their budgets and project schedules on track during an executive search process.

MFP-Connect power professionals also serve as valuable mentors to the permanent staff at each assignment, transferring years of knowledge and experience to a public power organization.

APPA members have the option of accessing MFP-Connect personnel through a professional services agreement arranged by a public power joint action agency or state/regional association or by contracting with MFP-Connect directly.