Understand Your Leadership at Work

Hometown Connections workshop teaches employees to apply their individual strengths, passions, and work styles to benefit the organization

By Patty Cruz

March 2019

Leadership training can sound like a nebulous concept. To have a lasting and fruitful impact, it should involve much more than how to motivate and supervise the work of others. Today’s best leadership training addresses every individual regardless of their job title or the number of direct reports. Hometown Connections offers a unique, proven and easy-to-complete process that identifies each person’s strengths, interests, motivators, needs, and most productive work style. This leadership training process also identifies stress behaviors when needs are not met. The assessment results empower employees to build upon their strengths and discover areas they would like to develop.

Every employee’s leadership style impacts the organization. Through the Hometown Connections leadership workshop, each member of the team identifies their individual leadership style and how best to apply it to the benefit of co-workers and customers.

Everyone has the ability to lead effectively in a variety of circumstances. For instance, it may seem more natural for some to lead a team responsible for implementing a project rather than to lead a team developing a new product or service.  To thrive as a leader, it is important for employees to understand and know how to leverage their strengths, expectations, and interests.

As leadership guru Sharon Birkman says, “All of us have strengths, all of us have passions, and all of us have something that motivates us to succeed.  And all of us have a particular work style that lays a path to that success.”  Do you know what your style is?

Hometown Connections arranges for participants in this leadership workshop to take the online Birkman Method personality assessment [individual results are confidential]. The instructor explains how the results helps employees:

  • Identify strengths and when they are their most productive-self
  • Identify interests, determine what they enjoy doing, and how this may impact the workplace
  • Understand their expectations of others and what happens when expectations are not met
  • Understand their stress behaviors and how these may be impacting their leadership efforts

During the workshop, the instructor will review the aggregate results of the Birkman assessment to help participants understand their leadership style, how it manifests at the workplace, and how they impact the culture of the utility.

Finally, participants will complete an individual leadership development action plan, based on their assessment results.

For more information
Patty Cruz
Vice President of Consulting and Training
Hometown Connections, Inc.

Patricia Cruz
Vice President, Consulting & Training
Hometown Connections, Inc.

About the Author
A Certified Birkman Leadership Consultant, Patricia Cruz is Vice President of Consulting & Training for Hometown Connections, Inc.  Previously, she was with Leidos Engineering where she provided consulting services to electric and water/wastewater utilities related to strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, cultural alignment, business communications, process improvement, and public outreach.  Ms. Cruz brings a dynamic portfolio of qualifications to a variety of service areas to positively impact client companies’ organizational performance, enhance customer service, determine strategic direction, define talent management initiatives, identify key processes in need of improvement, and obtain stakeholder endorsement.

Ms. Cruz has recently presented and authored papers on topics vital to sustaining healthy utility operations, such as stakeholder engagement, strategic planning, workforce management, and business culture.



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