Reduce AMI Deployment Costs, Complexity, Ongoing Financial Risk

Select Managed Service Strategy by Hometown Connections

Advanced metering offers critical improvements to utility operations and customer service. Yet due to costs and complexity, deploying AMI remains out of reach for too many public power systems. If you fear AMI is not an option, Hometown Connections has the answer.

The Hometown Connections approach to AMI for public power is a “Meter to Data Center” managed service program which reduces management complexity, increases operation efficiency, and lowers long-term cost and risk.

The Hometown Connections Advanced Metering Program provides:

  • Deployment of advanced meters, AMI communications network components, and integrations to the municipality’s business systems
  • Deployment of all necessary AMI applications, systems, and related technologies (applications, servers and related infrastructure)
  • Provision of network management provided to the Municipality as “Ongoing Services”
  • 10-year contract, enabling municipality to forecast operating costs
  • Single accountability for AMI system deliverable & performance 
  • No meter vendor lock-in
  • Economies of scale from collaborative procurement, including bulk pricing for field components
  • Support for AMI deployment including project management, customer outreach, presentations to municipality leadership
  • Sharing of IT labor & resources – attract/retain/compensate staff
  • Fully managed AMI-Headend and Meter Data Management System
  • Fully managed primary and disaster recovery site with annual testing
  • CIS system integration with ongoing support
  • Advanced Cybersecurity, Intrusion Prevention, Data Encryption and monitoring of all systems
  • AMI Communications Network Monitored by Network Operations Center – 24x7x365
  • Vendor Service Level Agreement for 99.5% read reliability for electric meters & 99% read reliability for water meters
  • Future system and software upgrades

For more information on how the Hometown Connections Advanced Metering Program can assist your municipal utility system, send an email to:

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