Improve Recovery of Assets Damaged by Automobiles with Exclusive Public Power Discount

Marsh Wortham Power Gen Insurance, in partnership with Claim Strategies, is offering an exclusive discount to members of the American Public Power Association on a unique Third Party Recovery Program. Marsh Wortham’s typical recovery rate of 20% is being reduced to just 15% exclusively for public power systems. This offer is only good through 12/31.

Marsh Wortham Power Gen Insurance is the official insurance partner of Hometown Connections, Inc., public power’s premier utility services organization.

This unique asset recovery program speeds up the process and improves recovery rates for assets damaged by automobiles by providing the personnel and expertise to pursue these recoveries. Frequently utilities must repair or replace poles, traffic lights, and other fixed assets that are damaged when hit by automobiles. But utility personnel may not have time or manpower to recover these funds on their own. This service recovers costs from the automobile insurance of the drivers at fault. There are no upfront costs to the utility. If the recovery is successful, the service provider keeps 15% of the recovered funds.

Program Highlights

Audit Invoice
Marsh Wortham will audit a utility’s current invoice structure to identify billing opportunities. A typical audit reveals 15% in new billing opportunity for new clients.

Uninsured Motorist Checks
Marsh-Wortham uses ISO/DecisionNet to locate auto insurance policies on at fault vehicles.

Exceptional Recovery Results
Marsh Wortham handles the recovery from start to finish, achieving a 97% recovery rate on behalf of clients.

Process Improvement
Utilities save time and money by letting the experts handle this process for you.

There is no competitor out there that specializes in Third Party Recovery on behalf of community-owned utilities. Marsh Wortham clients have this to say about the program:

Claim Strategies provides us with expert analysis and oversees the claims process. We have been able to collect for things we weren’t billing for in the past or not billing enough. Their team ensures that our claims are handled on time and do all of the hard work for us. We just sit back and get paid. Focus on what you know best and leave the insurance stuff to Claim Strategies.
Gail Cohen, Support Services Manager at Braintree Electric Light Department

Claim Strategies has made life so much easier around here. Gone are the days of haggling with insurance carriers about things like “You need to depreciate this” or “We won’t pay that”. Nichole and her staff just get it done and we just get paid. We’ve been working with them for 3 years and the hassles of pole accidents have been eliminated from day one.
Michael Quitadamo, Finance Manager at Shrewsbury Electric & Cable Operations

For More Information
Nichole Magnifico, CPCU, LIA
Vice President
Claim Strategies
Phone- (401) 435-2800 Ext. 1152
Cell Phone- 401-248-3928

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