Navigate the Challenges Ahead with Strategic Planning Support from Hometown Connections

Technology costs, workforce shortages, new regulations, power supply changes, budget pressures, cyber threats…

The path forward is easier when you bring in Hometown Connection for Strategic Planning Support.

We understand your struggle to balance the demands of daily operations with the need to set long-term goals and priorities. You are likely facing:

  • Senior staff members retiring faster than you can replace them
  • Benefits of new technologies out of reach due to cost and complexity
  • Information siloed in different city and utility departments, causing inefficiencies
  • Customer service practices lag the demands of your changing community
  • Struggle for resources to keep utility performing at a high level while preparing for the changes to come

And this may be the tip of the iceberg. Let Hometown Connections help you chart your course to a successful future. A public power resource for 20 years, we work closely with scores of utilities just like yours.

The Hometown Connections strategic planning process works for municipal utilities offering a variety of services, including electric, gas, water, wastewater, and high-speed data/CATV. Our strategic planning process will unite your leadership and staff on the best path forward.

Through onsite facilitation, workshops, and follow-up consultations, Hometown Connections covers the principles of effective strategic planning and reviews the roles and responsibilities of the staff and governing board in the planning and implementation process.

Using a process that includes governing board members and employees from all levels of the organization to foster accountability and shared ownership, the Hometown Connections approach to strategic planning places a premium on simplicity and flexibility.

Hometown helps develop a step-by-step blueprint for adapting to market conditions, workforce issues, regulatory changes, and the complex expectations of customers.

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