Realize a Complete End-to-End Solution with Holistic Approach to Cyber Risk Management

October 2018

With relevant insights, AESI-US Inc.’s Cyber Security and Risk Management Consultants can provide any level of guidance for risk management. AESI’s goal is to help public power utilities understand cyber risk and develop strategies and frameworks that support sustainable solutions and with knowledge-transfer for you and the utility.

Seven Steps to Cyber Security Resiliency

  1. Establish Board and Executive sponsorship, training and contextualization of risk
  2. Check baselines and define your security strategy
  3. Understand applicable regulatory and legal requirements to assess against
  4. Envision the complete picture by assessing IT and OT gaps, risks, threats and vulnerabilities
  5. Formulate a risk management program and roadmap that aligns with your security strategy and business objectives
  6. Operationalize cyber resiliency initiatives with technical solutions, governance, procedural strategies and training
  7. Incorporate cybersecurity sustainment strategy with the five pillars of the NIST Cyber Security Framework – to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover

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