Early Warning is Best Protection

Your home and business have smoke detectors. Why leave your IT and OT networks unmonitored?

Smoke detectors save lives and property. You rest easy knowing an early warning system is in place. Similarly, cybersecurity monitoring saves lives and prevents millions of dollars in damages. A sensor monitors the network traffic and issues alerts when cyberthreats are detected.

Don’t let your critical business systems go up in smoke from a cyber meltdown. Start detecting now!

In today’s technology-centric environment, antivirus protection and a firewall (or next-gen firewall with all the bells and whistles) are not sufficient. If it were that simple, our cyber worries would be over.

Today’s cyber criminals are well financed and well trained. To protect your utility and your customers from a dangerous disruption in electric service, you need to comply with today’s cybersecurity best practices such as NERC CIP, ISO- 27002, NIST SP800 series, and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

You must establish a multi-tier cybersecurity defense to safeguard against today’s cyber threats. The best defense system includes cybersecurity monitoring to detect threats that bypass your firewalls and other security controls.

Cybersecurity monitoring also ensures your protection mechanisms are configured correctly.

Find out what cyber threats go undetected in your systems.

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