Hometown Connections and American Public Power Association Team Up to Offer In-House Training for Public Power

May 2018

In-House Utility Courses

For Joint Action Agencies, State Associations, and Individual Utilities

Public power systems must tackle today’s industry challenges and make plans for a viable future. Change has never been more prevalent in public power—regulatory, technological, financial, and people changes are putting great pressure on utilities to ponder their business model. To give utilities easy access to the specialized education and training they need, Hometown Connections and the American Public Power Association (APPA) have teamed up to create an in-house training program for joint action agencies, state associations, and individual utilities. Through this new program, utilities will take education courses from the acclaimed APPA Academy on their site or nearby at substantial savings.

In-House Course Options

Through the APPA Academy, Hometown Connections personnel provide a broad array of half and full-day in-house training courses designed exclusively for public power organizations. Course options include:

Public Power Forward

  • Today’s Electric Industry
  • The Value of Public Power
  • Boost Employee Engagement through Internal Communications
  • Understand the Value of Long-Term Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Planning: A Step-by-Step Approach
  • Use Research and Communications to Reach Your Strategic Goals
  • Financial Operations and Performance Planning for Management


  • Conduct a Governance Check Up
  • Introduction to Governing a Public Power Utility Part 1: Strategies for an Effective Board
  • Introduction to Governing a Public Power Utility Part 2: Know Your Statutory and Fiduciary Duties
  • Measure and Improve Performance

Customer Service

  • Conduct a Customer Service Check Up
  • Learn New Strategies for Communications & Customer Care
  • Model Customer Service in Your Leadership Style
  • Improve Utility Collections Policies and Procedures
  • Find Out What Your Customers Think About Your Utility
  • Deploy Technologies & Digital Engagement Tools to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Convenient, Cost Effective, Customized

Long distance travel, lodging, and training costs continue to rise. What if you could access the industry’s best training a short drive away, customized for the unique conditions of your region, and for a per attendee cost that’s a fraction of the “street price”? When your organization, APPA, and Hometown Connections come together, this is exactly what happens!

Future Vision, Governance, Management, Customer Service Training

APPA is turning to the experts at Hometown Connections to develop key training courses for its acclaimed APPA Academy. Hometown Connections staff has spent 20+ years working exclusively with public power in understanding their issues and needs. As a result, important trends in future planning, governance, management, and customer engagement have been rolled into our industry-specific training.

There are many advantages to your organization hosting an Academy in-house training course including:

  • Cost and time savings
    Minimize employee out-of-office time and travel expenses.
  • Customized training
    Choose from Hometown’s catalog of courses, mix and match agenda items, or tailor course content to meet the specific goals of agency/association members or individual utility.
  • Expert instructors
    Learn from Hometown Connections’ trainers who have experience with 100+ public power utilities.
  • Continuing education credits
    Help utilities meet their yearly staff training goals and certification requirements by earning continuing education units (CEUs), professional development hours (PDHs), continuing professional education credits (CPEs), and points towards the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) designation.
  • Foster teamwork
    Encourage training through a collegial team approach to learning that reaches for common goals and sets organizational direction.
  • Staff development and retention
    Deliver practical, targeted training. Demonstrate your organization cares about employee development, performance, and retention.

American Public Power Association Academy

The Academy is public power’s complete resource for professional education and certification, helping electric industry staff, leaders, and policymakers keep up with the latest technologies, regulations, and customer needs.

Hometown Connections

Hometown Connections products and services include the full range of advanced grid solutions, as well as consulting support in the areas of organization assessment, strategic planning, governance development, customer service, market research, and staffing.

In-House Training Costs

APPA charges a flat fee plus travel expenses for the instructor(s). The flat fee covers course development, instruction, materials, and shipping. The joint action agency, state association, or utility is responsible for securing a training room and covering all on-site expenses (e.g., audio-visual equipment, refreshments).

Book a Course Now

For detailed course descriptions and pricing information, email EducationInfo@PublicPower.org or call 202-467-2921.

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