N-Dimension and Wortham Power Gen Insurance Partner to Offer Cyber Intrusion Protection with Insurance Backup for Utilities

N-DimensionCombined Offering a Cost Effective Approach to Reducing Cyber Risk

Addison, Texas – October 18, 2016 – N-Dimension Solutions, a market leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) for utilities, and Wortham Power Gen Insurance, a leading power utility insurance broker, announced today they have teamed together to offer customers a unique, cost effective solution that helps reduce the risk and financial burden associated with cyber breaches. A combination of round-the-clock cyber threat monitoring and power utility specific cyber liability insurance enables customers to quickly detect and shut down threats as well as be protected from the potential heavy financial burden of a cyber incident.

WorthamPowerGenLogo smallAs power utilities have increasingly modernized operations adding new intelligent devices and systems monitored by communication networks, the risk of a successful cyber attack has substantially increased. Utility operations could be compromised, infrastructure equipment damaged, reliable power delivery disrupted and confidential customer and utility data exposed. Cyber attacks against utilities of all sizes are increasing in frequency, volume and sophistication. A multi-faceted approach that combines both proactive and reactive cyber protection is essential such as the combined offering by N-Dimension and Wortham Power Gen Insurance.

N-Dimension’s N-Sentinel Monitoring is a proactive measure that combines continuous cyber threat vigilance with timely detection and alerts to anomalous network activity. It includes in-depth intelligence about an attack along with expert guidance on remediation. It is proven that by reducing the time to detect and purge threats, risk of damages making threat monitoring a critical element of a comprehensive cybersecurity program.

Wortham Power Gen Insurance’s program protects the utility after an attack. Its broad protection covers liability from a data breach of confidential customer data; expenses associated with a breach; costs associated with regulatory fines and penalties; costs associated with data recovery and cyber extortion; and emergency access to professional services to assist with data breach crisis management.

“We have experienced steady growth in demand for our N-Sentinel Monitoring service as a result of the increased cyber threat activity,” said Tom Ayers, CEO, N-Dimension. “Bringing to market this combined offering of proactive and reactive threat protection with Wortham Power Gen Insurance provides utilities with improved protection and piece of mind.”

“Utilities are at risk on multiple fronts if a cyber attack is successful,” said George Adkins, Managing Director & Power Generation Practice Leader, Wortham Power Gen Insurance. “N-Sentinel Monitoring reduces potential damage caused by a cyber attack which reduces the potential financial exposure for the utility. This combined offering is truly a powerful solution to cyber risk reduction for utilities.”

To learn more about the combined N-Dimension and Wortham Power Gen Insurance offering for your utility, please contact Brad Luna, N-Dimension Solutions (brad.luna@n-dimension.com) or George Adkins, Wortham Power Gen Insurance (George.adkins@worthaminsurance.com). Both companies are partnering with Hometown Connections, the utility services subsidiary of the American Public Power Association, to offer innovative products and services to public power utilities.

About N-Dimension Solutions
N-Dimension is a market leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with innovative solutions tailored to protect smart energy networks from cyber attacks, improving system reliability and safeguarding critical infrastructure, data and assets. The company’s N-Sentinel line of services delivers vigilance, detecting and alerting on cyber threats. It combines cloud-based security intelligence and cybersecurity experts to deliver actionable guidance that enables utilities to take timely, preemptive action to protect themselves against cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Company headquarters are in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and U.S. headquarters are located in Addison, Texas. N-Dimension is the exclusive cybersecurity partner of Hometown Connections, the utility services subsidiary of the American Public Power Association (APPA), an associate member of the APPA, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) and Electricity Distributors Association (EDA).

For more information about N-Sentinel and to request a free demo, visit our website at www.n-dimension.com. Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn; check us out on YouTube and CrunchBase.

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