Firewalls Fall Short!

N-Sentinel finds threats that firewalls and antivirus software miss


January 2019

It is now 2019 and hackers today are creating sophisticated attacks that routinely slip through firewalls and then lie in wait on your networks, virtually invisible to antivirus software. Larger organizations understand this vulnerability and rely on IT professionals with specialized cybersecurity training to detect and respond to these threats before they are weaponized into an attack.

Most medium and smaller-sized organizations would be challenged to afford the $100,000+ needed to hire a trained cybersecurity specialist – assuming that one could be found during the current talent shortage!

That’s why N-Dimension Solutions developed N-Sentinel, a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) technology that is specifically designed for small and medium sized electric utilities.

For one-tenth the cost of a single cybersecurity specialist, N-Sentinel, provides protections that preventative measures like firewalls and antivirus software cannot:

  • Detection of hidden and unknown threats missed by firewalls
  • Detection of connected attacks that antivirus software sees as less dangerous, single incidents
  • Constant updates on emerging threats happening at other public power utilities
  • Priority classification of critical threats for a more targeted response and less costly recovery

60-Day Free Trial

N-Sentinel is offered as a 60-day Free Trial to members of the American Public Power Association.  The offering features a comprehensive set-up and support system that provides a no-hassle, no-risk way to improve your security and your Public Power Cybersecurity Score:

  • Easy, fast deployment and hands-off management of sensors
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and detection of network issues
  • Alerts with actionable steps to mitigate the issues
  • Cloud-based threat analysis and information on threat activity
  • Web-portal access to reports and Community Data of threat activity being found across other utilities
  • Access to cybersecurity experts to answer questions and provide guidance

N-Dimension designed the N-Sentinel Monitoring MDR technology for IT and OT networks. Monitoring of the network traffic with alerting on suspicious activity, cloud-based cybersecurity reports, and threat intelligences are all included in the service. Volume discounts on the annual subscription fee are available through your joint action agency or state association.

N-Dimension Solutions is an official cybersecurity partner of Hometown Connections. To arrange your N-Sentinel 60-day free trial and join the hundreds of utilities already benefitting from this service, please contact Scott MossbrooksFor more information on the products and services from N-Dimension, visit  For information on all the products and services available through Hometown Connections, visit our website or send an email to

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