Hometown Connections Launches Compensation Studies Service

To Help Public Power Utilities Attract & Retain Talented Top-Tier Workforce

LAKEWOOD, CO—September 24, 2015 – To help members of the American Public Power Association (APPA) maintain a talented and motivated executive workforce, Hometown Connections is launching  a Compensation Studies service in early 2016. APPA members will work with Hometown Connections to determine the market value of senior executive positions through compensation studies that are specific to the electric utility industry and region of the U.S.

Performance for LinkedInWith the support of the energy workforce experts at MFP-Connect™, Hometown Connections arranges for a certified compensation consultant to offer a public power utility two service options:

  1. A custom survey of executive compensation packages—collecting data and analyzing the results;  or
  2. A market pricing study based on existing compensation survey data purchased from a publisher by the utility.

The final report includes a comprehensive market analysis and salary recommendations for review by the governing board and senior staff of the utility.  The process enables APPA members to determine how much other utilities are paying for specific executive jobs. Surveyed positions include general manager and director of engineering, as well as senior managers for power supply/transmission/regulatory policy, IT/information systems, and finance/accounting.

“As the technology, financial and operational demands on public power systems continue to intensify, APPA members often struggle to balance local government budget requirements with the pressure to hire and retain top-tier professionals with a wide array of required skill sets,” said Tim Blodgett, President & CEO, Hometown Connections. “It’s imperative to identify organizations that may be competing with the utility for executive staff and what salary & benefits they are offering. Therefore, Hometown Connections is pleased to provide compensation studies and help APPA members secure reliable benchmark data as they design their salary and benefits structures.”

About Hometown Connections International, LLC
Hometown Connections is the utility services subsidiary of the American Public Power Association, offering public power utilities guidance and access to quality products/services from a trusted entity with public power’s best interests in mind. Hometown Connections is a resource to APPA members large and small, providing discounted pricing on technology, services, and other solutions from industry-leading companies. The products and services offered through Hometown Connections include the full range of advanced grid solutions, as well as consulting support in the areas of organization assessment, strategic planning, business planning, governance development, market research, financial policy guidance and staffing.

About MFP-Connect™
Jointly owned by Hometown Connections and Mycoff, Fry & Prouse, LLC, MFP-Connect provides interim personnel for utility general management, power generation, finance, accounting, transmission & distribution operations, and compensation studies.

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Tim Blodgett


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