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Quick Evaluations of Performance per Public Power Best Practices


February 2018

To help public power utilities obtain a snapshot of their performance in relation to their peer organizations, Hometown Connections staff and partners offer seven “Check Ups” in these operational areas: Organization, Governance, Finance, Customer Service, Cybersecurity, Distribution System, and Reliable Public Power Program (RP3).

Since 1998, Hometown Connections has worked closely with more than 900 public power organizations. The staff has provided extensive strategic planning, customer service, and governing board consulting services. The staff has also joined with the industry’s leading vendors to help public power utilities obtain the products and services they need to maximize utility performance.

Hometown Connections shares this expertise in utility management and operations through a collection of seven “Check Up” services:

  1. Complete Organization
  2. Governance
  3. Finance
  4. Customer Service
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Distribution System
  7. Reliable Public Power Provider Program (RP3)

What’s Involved? Hometown Connections or one of its partners spends one or two days at the utility working with staff and/or governing board members discussing specific facets of organization operations. Then the utility receives a report identifying its strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommendations for improvement.

Through the suite of Hometown Connections Check Up services, public power utilities receive an expert assessment of vital areas of utility performance by a neutral third party.

These time- and cost-efficient Check Ups provide clarity, direction, and realistic blueprints for improvement.

Hometown Connections Check Ups

Take advantage of consulting and expertise from the American Public Power Association’s utility services subsidiary, Hometown Connections. Get help in strengthening utility operations and management through the Check Up services offered by Hometown staff and partners.

Organization Check Up Hometown Connections
An organization-wide assessment of all aspects of utility operations, including customer service, administrative and governance. This two-day check up explores the effectiveness of current practices and how well organizational functions integrate into a seamless whole.

Governance Check Up Hometown Connections
This one-day check up works with the governing board and senior staff to assess the effectiveness of policy-making, strategic focus, communications, and prudent oversight of utility operations.

Finance Check Up Utility Financial Solutions
Determining the fiscal health of the organization can be challenging with the large volume of financial data and uncertainties about how the utility’s financial operations compare to others. This one-day check up zeroes in on the most significant barometers of fiscal health and how they compare to the industry.

Customer Service Check Up Hometown Connections
Competitive rates and high reliability are not the only drivers of customer satisfaction. Well run customer service and billing operations are critical in building strong relations with customers. This one-day check up will explore the many different customer interfaces and review the organization’s efforts at delivering excellent customer service.

Cybersecurity Check Up AESI
Designed specifically for power utilities, this remote cyber risk assessment focuses on critical business operations impacting IT and OT systems and networks. AESI conducts an operational survey and reviews cybersecurity related policies, standards, procedures, and architecture design documents to determine a utility’s cyber posture. The outcome is a quick health check and a defined path to become more cyber resilient.

Distribution System Check Up Hometown Connections
Guidance/tools to examine and document elements of maintaining a safe, reliable, and efficient electric distribution system. Topics include system design and maintenance, deploying new technologies, tree trimming, safety & environment regulations, and budgets.

Reliable Public Power Provider Program (RP3) Check Up Hometown Connections
Help applying for designation by the American Public Power Association’s Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3®) program. Being recognized by the RP3 program demonstrates a utility’s commitment to excellence to community leaders, governing board members, suppliers, service providers, and investor services.

Full Suite of Services for Public Power

Hometown Connections helps public power organizations purchase products and services from today’s leading providers, including:

  • Advanced metering for electric, gas, water, and waste water utilities
  • Meter data management and outage management software
  • Billing and financial software that is smart-grid enabled
  • Standby power generation systems
  • Mobile workforce solutions
  • Cyber and physical security engineering and consulting
  • Insurance programs designed exclusively for public power
  • Customer engagement through personalized outbound communications

And much more!

Contact Steve VanderMeer to learn about the seven Check Ups and other products and services provided by Hometown Connections.​​



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