What is Lurking on Your Networks Undetected? Free Trial of Cybersecurity Monitoring Will Find Out

January 2018

Hackers are constantly knocking on all utility networks, searching for weaknesses to exploit and financial data to steal. Setting strong passwords, installing anti-virus/malware software, and configuring firewalls are no longer enough to protect your utility data communications networks from cyber attacks. Plus, you may not have the resources to monitor and secure your network full time. That’s where N-Dimension comes in. And we can prove it to you.

N-Dimension is once again offering a 60-day Free Trial of N-Sentinel Monitoring for members of the American Public Power Association.

N-Sentinel Monitoring by N-Dimension provides: 

  • Easy, fast deployment and hands-off management of sensors
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and detection of network issues
  • Alerts with actionable steps to mitigate the issues
  • Cloud-based threat analysis and information on threat activity
  • Web-portal access to your reports and threat activity being found across other utilities in the various communities
  • Access to cybersecurity experts to answer questions and provide guidance

The N-Sentinel Monitoring service can be used on both your IT and OT networks. Monitoring of the network traffic with alerting on suspicious activity and cloud-based cybersecurity reports and intelligence are all included in the service. Volume discounts on the annual subscription fee are available through your joint action agency or state association.

To arrange the 60-day free trial, please contact Scott Mossbrooks. For more information on the products and services from N-Dimension Solutions, visit www.n-dimension.com or contact Bill Smart through Hometown Connections, N-Dimension’s public power marketing partner.

You owe it to your customers to find out what is lurking on your networks and FREE is a hard price to beat!

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